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Evangelical Nikolauskirche in Dühren

The Protestant Nikolauskirche in Dühren , a district of the large district town of Sinsheim in the Rhein-Neckar district in northern Baden-Württemberg , goes back to a medieval chapel and received its current appearance after being destroyed in the Second World War.


The church stands on the northern outskirts near the through road Karlsruher Straße ( B 292 ) on the lower slope of the Kirchberg, which the soon-to-be-connected cemetery is drawn up.


The church was built in 1494 on the site of an older chapel. After being destroyed in the wars of the late 17th century, the nave was renewed after 1700 . In the years 1895/96 the building was renovated in the neo-Gothic style, whereby the nave was enlarged and the tower raised and a stair tower was added. The church was hit by incendiary grenades in 1945 and burned down except for the choir and sacristy . Medieval frescoes were uncovered in the choir during the reconstruction . In 1952 the church was consecrated in its present form. The nearby rectory from 1771 has an ornate rococo portal. On one of the gable ends of the house there is a coat of arms from 1569.


In the late 19th century, the church bell consisted of three bells from the casting years 1705, 1807 and 1816. The bell from 1705 was cast by Johann Georg Rohr from Heilbronn in Waibstadt and weighed 801 pounds. The bell from 1807, which has been preserved in the church to this day, comes from Lucas Speck's foundry in Heidelberg . It has the strike note a ', a diameter of 80 cm and a weight of 316 kg. An older Dühren bell was poured into the bell. The bell from 1816 was also cast as a casting around an older Dühren bell at Speck in Heidelberg. In 1885, the tubular bell from 1705 was cast by Andreas Hamm Sohn in Frankenthal into a new, 442 kg heavy bronze bell with a g sharp 'strike.

During the First World War , the two bells from 1816 and 1885 had to be delivered in 1917. As a replacement, two new bronze bells were cast at the Bachert bell foundry in Karlsruhe in 1925 . The larger one had the strike note f sharp ', a diameter of 112.2 cm and a weight of 873 kg. The smaller one has a c sharp '' strike, a diameter of 73 cm and a weight of 227 kg. Its inscription reads THE LOVE COUNCIL CREATES NEW DUT FOUNDED BY THE EVANG IN 1925. CHURCH DÜHREN .

During the Second World War , the old bell from 1807 and the larger Bachert bell from 1925 had to be delivered in 1942. The old bell from 1807 returned to Dühren in 1947, the three-bell ringing was completed again in 1957 by a new cast at Bachert in Karlsruhe. The bell that was cast last has a striking sound of f sharp 'and a weight of 770 kg. Its inscription reads: GIVE US MERCY PEACE TO REMEMBER THE DESTRUCTION OF THE CHURCH ON EASTER MONDAY 1945, DONORED BY THE EVANG. CHURCH PARISH DÜHREN .

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Coordinates: 49 ° 14 '44.9 "  N , 8 ° 50' 6.2"  E