Nine queens

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German title The Nine Queens (TV) / Nine Queens (DVD)
Original title Nueve reinas
Country of production Argentina
original language Spanish
Publishing year 2000
length 109 minutes
Age rating FSK 12
Director Fabián Bielinsky
script Fabian Bielinsky
production Pablo Bossi
music Osvaldo Vacca
camera Marcelo Camorino
cut Sergio Zottola

The nine queens (TV title), Nine Queens (DVD title) or Nueve reinas (original title) is an Argentine comedy about two cheaters, which received a lot of attention, especially in their home country. The film belongs to the genre of heist movies .


The film begins in the morning with the con man Juan who tries to pull off an ancient trick in a gas station market, but is caught. Marcos, also a cheat, but not a beginner like Juan, pretends to be a police officer and thus saves Juan from prison. Marcos offers Juan to help him a little for a day and to show him new tricks. Juan tells Marcos that he quickly needs 70,000 pesos or dollars for his father (which were worth the same at that time, see Argentine peso ) and he is still short of 20,000.

After a few minor rip-offs, far more successful than normal for Juan, Marcos is called by his sister Valeria. She calls him to the hotel where she works because one of Marco's former "colleagues" had a nervous breakdown and needs help. Marcos had betrayed his sister and younger brother Federico a few years ago of the inheritance from their Italian grandparents, which is why Valeria is very angry with him.

Juan and Marcos learn from Marco's sick colleague Sandler that a wealthy Spaniard who is a stamp collector will be staying in the hotel until the next day. Sandler intended to sell him a forgery of a valuable set of stamps that his sister owned, but the breakdown prevented it. So he hires Marcos to run the deal and is ultimately satisfied with a small part of the money. Juan and Marcos actually manage to arouse the Spaniard's interest; he promised them $ 450,000 for the counterfeits - far more than the fraudsters hoped for.

On the way back, however, the suitcase with the counterfeit stamps is stolen by two thieves. The scammers decide to make the most of the case and purchase the real stamps that Sandler's sister still owns. They end up buying the brands for $ 250,000, for which both of them pool their savings, Marcos 200,000 and Juan 50,000. After they meet the Spaniard again in the hotel, he sets an additional condition for buying the brands: Marcos' sister should spend the night with him. She agrees on the condition that he confesses to the younger brother that he has betrayed his inheritance.

The next morning, Valeria brings Juan and Marcos the money in the form of a certified check. When you want to cash the check, however, the bank that certified the check went bankrupt shortly before, so that it has become worthless. Juan leaves the angry Marcos alone and takes the subway to an industrial area. There it turns out that the "deal" with the stamps was a plot against Marcos, Juan and Valeria have been a couple for a year, they knew about the bank's imminent bankruptcy and almost everyone involved - including Sandler, the “Spaniard “And the owner of the stamps were accomplices to cheat Marcos out of the $ 200,000 he raised to buy the stamps.


In 2004, producer Steven Soderbergh and director Gregory Jacobs made a remake under the title Criminal with Richard Gaddis, Diego Luna and Maggie Gyllenhaal in the lead roles, but it flopped.


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