Operation Phoenix - Hunters Between Worlds

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Television series
Original title Operation Phoenix - Hunters Between Worlds
Operation Phoenix Logo.jpg
Country of production Germany
original language German
Year (s) 1997, 1999
Phoenix Film
length 45 minutes
Episodes 11 ( list )
genre Mystery
horror film
Director Edzard Onneken
Peter Fratzscher
Berno Kürten
Wilhelm Engelhardt
script Volker Maria Arend
Patrick Bennat
Ulrich A. Kaiser
Marco Rossi
Alexander M. Rümelin
Marc Terjung
music Martin Todsharow
First broadcast October 28, 1997 on RTL

Operation Phoenix - hunters between the worlds is an eleven-part mystery - television series made by RTL was produced and aired in 1997 and 1999.


The Operation Phoenix team, consisting of Christoph Volz, Mark Pohl, Kris Mertens and Richard Lorentz, is investigating mysterious cases on behalf of the Federal Ministry of the Interior. While Mark believes in the supernatural, Kris wants to approach the phenomena psychologically. Richard and Christoph tend to be skeptical and only believe what they see. In the course of the series, an aggressive ghost apparition, a mysterious ancient Egyptian pharaoh, a divine avenging angel, Celtic druids and an unscrupulous devil cult wreak havoc. In addition, a submarine of the German Wehrmacht is apparently on a journey through time and a deceased Foreign Legionnaire murders by means of transmigration of souls.


Operation Phoenix - Hunters Between the Worlds was announced to the public as the first German mystery series and was planned as a German variant of the X-Files series - The FBI's uncanny cases, which was particularly successful in the USA . The pilot film was broadcast in October 1997; another ten episodes did not follow until 1999. However, since the series was far less successful with German audiences than its counterpart in the USA, it was canceled in 1999.

Actors and roles

The following table shows the regular cast. Anke Sevenich , Christian Wittmann , Jan Sosniok , Walter Kreye , Walo Lüönd and Sophie Schütt had guest roles .

actor role Episodes
Alana Bock Kris Mertens 11
Robert Jarczyk Richard Lorentz 11
Dirk Martens Mark Pohl 11
Hans-Georg Panczak Christoph Volz 9


episode title Charisma
1 The Baby and the Beast (Pilot) October 28, 1997
2 In the body of the enemy January 21, 1999
3 Cruel visions January 28, 1999
4th race against time April 29, 1999
5 Only one can survive May 6, 1999
6th Tunnel of death May 20, 1999
7th Under the sign of the pharaohs June 10, 1999
8th The Erlkönig June 17, 1999
9 eye to eye June 24, 1999
10 Outrage July 1, 1999
11 Thanksgiving July 8, 1999

Individual evidence

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