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Osprey Publishing is a British book publisher specializing in military history . It was founded in London in 1969 and originally belonged to Berkshire Printing. In 1998 Osprey Publishing became independent and moved from London to Oxford . In 2011 it was bought by the private equity company Alcuin Capital Partners LLP, in 2014 Osprey Publishing sold it to Bloomsbury Publishing , which now runs the publisher as an imprint .

The publisher's authors and editors include a. David G. Chandler , Stephen Turnbull , Martin Windrow , Christopher Gravett , Peter Lieb , Robert J. O'Neill , Erwin A. Schmidl , Digby Smith , Carola Vogel and Steven Zaloga .


So far over 3,350 books have been published, including over 500 in the “Men-at-Arms” series.

  • Air Vanguard - This aeronautical series, launched in autumn 2012, provides a brief overview of the construction and operational history of an aircraft in its books.
  • Aircraft of the Aces - A series that focuses on fighter pilots who became aces with first hand reports, aircraft profiles, unit listings, and scale plans.
  • Aviation Elite Units - Provides a full combat history of a fighter or bomber formation that has made outstanding service, with first-hand reports, stories of the unsung heroes of each unit, and specially commissioned aircraft profile drawings and illustrations.
  • Battle Orders - describes the organization of famous military units.
  • Campaign - individual battles or campaigns in military history.
  • Combat - a new series that details the differences between soldiers in the field.
  • Combat Aircraft - focuses on one of the largest aircraft in aviation history, the technology behind it, and the men who flew it.
  • Command - describes the life of important generals and admirals.
  • Dark Osprey - a comedic series that covers paranormal subjects such as Nazi zombies and alien invasions.
  • Duel - a comparison of contemporary opponents, such as B. French and British frigates in the age of sails or German and Soviet tanks on the Eastern Front.
  • Elite - describes individual units or tactics.
  • Essential Histories - Each book examines the origins, politics, struggles, and effects of a major war or theater of war, from both a military and a civilian perspective.
  • Fortress - details of important fortifications from Roman forts to Hitler's bunkers to the Berlin Wall.
  • Men-at-Arms - An illustrated reference on the history, organization, uniforms, and equipment of the world's armed forces, past and present.
  • Myths and Legends - Examines the great stories that have echoed over time and shaped our cultures. Each title focuses on a specific legendary character retelling the associated myth, and also provides interesting, factual information about the story behind the story and how it evolved over time. Includes Victor Stapleton's 2014 book about Jack the Ripper.
  • New Vanguard - Approx. 290 books on military equipment such as vehicles, artillery, and ships
  • Osprey Wargames - a set of wargame rules.
  • Osprey Modeling - Instructions for Military Modeling.
  • Raid - details about famous military raids or daring plans.
  • Warrior - focuses on the individual warrior of a particular era or culture, examining their experiences on the battlefield as well as their training, fighting methods and daily life.
  • Weapon - discusses individual weapons from sidearms to artillery.

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