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Paul Aellen (born May 13, 1896 in Basel , † August 19, 1973 in Heiligenschwendi ) was a Swiss botanist . Its official botanical author abbreviation is " Aellen "; previously the abbreviation “ Aell. " in use.

Live and act

Aellen dealt particularly intensively with the plant families of the foxtail family (Amaranthaceae) and the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae); the latter is currently classified in the foxtail family. Aellen was a teacher at various schools in Schaffhausen (1921–1927) and Basel (until 1958).

Dedication names

The German botanist Oskar Eberhard Ulbrich named the plant genus Aellenia from the foxtail family (Amaranthaceae) in his honor. This was then assigned to the goosefoot family (Chenopodiaceae); However, the genus has currently been dissolved and the species it contains are added to the genus Halothamnus .

Fonts (selection)

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