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Paul Riebesell (born June 9, 1883 in Hamburg , † March 16, 1950 in Hamburg) was a German actuary and president of the Hamburger Feuerkasse .


Riebesell studied mathematics and natural sciences in Kiel, and received his doctorate in 1905 under Paul Stäckel . From 1909 he was a high school teacher in Hamburg-St-Georg. In 1918 he became the second director of the Hamburg youth welfare office and took care of youth neglect. He co-wrote a comment on the Youth Welfare Act . In addition, he dealt with Einstein's theory of relativity . From 1919 he had a teaching position, from 1921 he was ao. Professor of actuarial mathematics and mathematical statistics at the Hamburg University from 1921 to 1934. In 1923 the city of Hamburg appointed him director of the fire fund. In 1934 he was elected President of the Reich Association of Public Insurance Companies, and in 1937 he lost this office for political reasons. In 1938 he became director of a Munich life insurance company (Isar AG). He was also an honorary professor at the TH Berlin from 1935 to 1940 , from 1935 at the University of Berlin and from 1938 at the Ludwig Maximilians University in Munich . After 1945 the city of Hamburg brought him back as President of the Fire Fund. In 1948 he co-founded the Deutsche Gesellschaft für Versicherungsmathematik and became its first chairman.

Riebesell was a member of the NSDAP . In November 1933 he signed the German professors' confession of Adolf Hitler .

His scientific achievement lies primarily in the transfer of actuarial approaches from life insurance to property insurance .


  • Mathematical Statistics and Biometrics (1932, 1944)
  • Mathematics of Daily Life (1942, separated from the Soviet Zone after 1945, 1948)
  • Mithrsg .: Handbook of Insurance (Hamburg 1938)
  • Introduction to Property Insurance Mathematics (1936)
  • The theory of relativity in the classroom (1926)
  • On the geometrical interpretations of the theory of relativity , Mitteilungen der Mathematischen Gesellschaft 5 (1914), pp. 130-140.
  • The evidence for the theory of relativity , Naturwissenschaften 4 (1916), pp. 97-101.
  • Mathematics at War (1916)
  • Photogrammetry in School (1914)


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