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Paul Theodore Winter Jr. (born August 31, 1939 in Altoona , Pennsylvania ) is an American saxophonist and band leader.


Winter learned to play the piano from the age of six. He switched to the alto saxophone and got from there (via the tenor saxophone) to the soprano saxophone . During his studies at Northwestern University in Chicago , he put together his first own jazz band , which won a university competition in 1961 and received a recording contract from juror John Hammond . He also worked briefly in the place of Paul Desmond in the quartet of Dave Brubeck .

Winter was very early concerned with the possibilities that Bossa Nova offered for jazz. In 1962 he toured 23 countries in South and Central America with his sextet for the US State Department. In the same year his band was the first jazz ensemble to perform in the White House ; the program was released on the album Jazz Premiere: Washington . His Paul Winter Consort developed out of the sextet in 1967 , with whom he approached the world music idiom very early on and incorporated South American, African and Asian musical traditions into the game. In 1971, the astronauts of Apollo 15 took his album Road with them as a cassette on their journey to the moon. First in the 1970s, Winter recorded a series of records that combined jazz improvisation and nature sounds. Some of these recordings were made under real-time conditions in nature, such as the Grand Canyon , and some were improvised winters with previously recorded sounds of whales ( Common Ground ), wolves ( Wolf Eyes ) or eagles. Winter's compositions represent a synthesis between ethno-jazz and pop music; Winter has won a Grammy six times ; he is also considered a pioneer of New Age music. His playing posture on soprano saxophone is characterized by a cool approach to Brazilian music.

Discography (selection)

Paul Winter Consort 2005 (New York City)

Under his own name

  • Journey With the Sun (2000, Living Music)
  • Canyon Lullaby (1997)
  • Prayer for the Wild Things (1994)
  • Solstice Live! (1993)
  • Earth: Voices of a Planet (1990)
  • Earthbeat (1987)
  • Winter Song (1986)
  • Canyon (1985)
  • Sun Singer (1983)
  • Missa Gaia / Earth Mass (1982)
  • Callings (1980)
  • Common Ground (1978, A&M Records)
  • Rio , with Luiz Bonfá , Roberto Menescal and Luiz Eça (1965, Columbia)
  • Jazz Meets the Bossa Nova (1962, Columbia)

With other artists

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