Pearl-shouldered ant shrike

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Pearl-shouldered ant shrike
Pearl-shouldered ant shrike, male

Pearl-shouldered ant shrike, male

Subordination : Screeching Birds (Tyranni)
Family : Ant birds (Thamnophilidae)
Subfamily : Thamnophilinae
Tribe : Thamnophilini
Genre : Thamnophilus
Type : Pearl-shouldered ant shrike
Scientific name
Thamnophilus aethiops
PL Sclater , 1858

The Perlschulter Antshrike ( Thamnophilus aethiops ) is one within the family of Antbirds (Thamnophilidae) for generic Thamnophilus .

The species occurs in Bolivia , Brazil , Ecuador , Colombia , Peru and Venezuela .

The distribution area includes tropical or subtropical moist lowland forest, dense thorny undergrowth in the Andean foothills and Terra Firme in the Amazon basin up to 1200 m altitude.

The Latin addition of species comes from ancient Greek αἴθω aitho , German 'burn' and ancient Greek ὤψ ops , German 'face' .


The species is 15 to 17 cm tall and weighs between 23 and 30 g, has a strong gray beak and a red to orange-colored iris . The male is black except for a white shoulder stripe, a few white spots on the wings and gray-blackish rump. The female is a strong reddish brown, young birds look like females and have pale spots on the elytra .

Fledglings are brownish, not black. There are differences in the preferred habitat compared to the similar river bank anthracnophilus ( Thamnophilus cryptoleucus ) .

Geographic variation

The following subspecies are recognized:


The call is described as a short, slow sequence of 6 to 7 detached nasal, plaintive tones.

Way of life

The species usually occurs in pairs, is difficult to see, and is rarely found in mixed hunting communities.

The food consists of insects and arthropods , which are searched for up to 5 m close to the ground.

Little is known about the breeding season.

Hazardous situation

The stock is not considered endangered ( least concern ).


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