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Post house sign Königlich Preußische Posthalterei from 1776: German postage stamp from 1975

Post holder is the name for a former profession in the postal system from the time of riding and driving mail .

Post keepers were often private individuals who owned horses , and later also carriages , and made these available to the post office for changing horses and wagons according to contractual agreements. Post keepers often ran inns at the same time . So they could benefit from the travelers in two ways. The “ Zur Post ” inns , which can still be found in many places today, are a reminder of this incident. The post office was the business of the post office. Postholders were often wealthy people, and the office was usually passed on within the family.

The post holder was the employer of the post riders and postillons .

The heads of smaller, subordinate horse changing stations were also called post office keepers.

Preserved post office buildings (selection)

In Kempten (Allgäu) and Mengen , for example, there are still the post office buildings of the Imperial Post Office operated by the Thurn and Taxis , known as the Thurn and Taxis post office .