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The Provincial Association of Pomerania was a higher municipal association that existed from 1876 to 1945 in the territory of the Prussian province of Pomerania .


The provincial order of 1875 ordered the formation of a provincial association as a higher municipal association for the province of Pomerania, as well as for other Prussian provinces . The practical activity of the Provincial Association of Pomerania began in 1876. The Provincial Association as a self-governing body existed alongside the state administration of the province, which was still led by the President of the Province.

The newly formed Pomeranian Provincial Association with its more modern structures replaced the previous Pomeranian Provincial Parliament, which was formed on the old-fashioned basis; the assembly of deputies of the new provincial association took over the old name "Provincial Parliament". The two Pomeranian municipal councils , the municipal council of New Western Pomerania and Rügen and the municipal council of Old Western and Western Pomerania , existed until 1881. Then their tasks were also transferred to the provincial association.

The provincial federation received as tasks at the provincial level the road construction, the improvement , the welfare of the poor, the care for the insane, deaf-mute and the blind, the support of charities and the cultural maintenance. Later, the railway system was added in particular.

The Provincial Association received funding from grants from the Prussian state, so-called endowments .

The provincial association existed formally until 1945. However, his independent position was terminated as early as 1933 and 1934 as part of the coordination .


The organs of the provincial association were the provincial parliament, the provincial committee and the governor (until 1895: provincial director).

Provincial Parliament

The provincial parliament of the provincial association consisted from 1876 to 1920 of the representatives elected by the districts and cities of the province of Pomerania. The 1st Provincial Parliament, to which 82 members belonged, met on January 3, 1876 in Stettin . In the following years, the provincial assembly usually met once a year, with meetings usually lasting three days.

For the first time on February 20, 1921, the provincial parliament was determined by direct election by the citizens of the Pomeranian province. The first directly elected 50th Provincial Parliament met on March 16, 1921. Elections to the provincial parliament were held again on November 29, 1925, November 17, 1929 and March 12, 1933.

In the first year of Nazi rule, the Prussian state government under Göring's law of December 15, 1933, dissolved the provincial parliaments and provincial committees throughout Prussia and no longer re-established them.

Provincial Committee

The provincial parliament elected the provincial committee from among its members. The Provincial Committee had the task of preparing and implementing the resolutions of the Provincial Parliament.


The governor (until 1895: provincial director) was the head of the administration of the provincial association. He was elected by the Provincial Parliament. The holders of this office were:

Ernst von Zitzewitz, who had to resign from his position in April 1934, was the last elected governor. From 1934 the administration of the provincial association was subordinate to the Gauleiter Franz Schwede-Coburg in his function as high president of the province of Pomerania. The position of governor continued to be filled, but from 1934 the governor was only the general representative of the upper president in the administration of the provincial association. The following were appointed:


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