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Burbot (lota lota)

Burbot ( lota lota )

Sub-cohort : Neoteleostei
Order : Cod-like (Gadiformes)
Subordination : Gadoidei
Family : Tadpoles
Scientific name
Bonaparte , 1832

The burbot (Lotidae, Syn . : Brosminae Swainson, 1838) are a family of cod-like fish that live in the North Atlantic , North Pacific and around the Arctic . The burbot ( Lota lota ) is the only species that lives exclusively in fresh and brackish water. Their habitat includes Europe, Siberia and North America.


Tadpoles are one to two meters long, have an elongated body, one or two dorsal fins and always only one anal fin. The characteristic of Dorschartige Bartel chin is always present. The caudal fin is rounded. There is a drop of oil in the egg to keep it suspended in the water.


The tadpole family was established in 1832 by the French biologist Charles Lucien Jules Laurent Bonaparte under the name Lotini. The size of the group and its systematic rank are controversial. The American ichthyologist Joseph S. Nelson is one of the tadpoles that he assigns to the cod (Gadidae) as the subfamily Lotinae , only five species in three genera. The species are the marine fish ling ( Molva molva ), blue ling ( M. dipterygia ) and Mediterranean ling ( M. macrophthalma ) from the genus Molva , as well as the tusk ( Brosme brosme ) and the freshwater burbot ( Lota lota ).

In Fishbase and Catalog of Fishes , the burbot the rank of a family have, and the genera and species of Gaidropsarinae that a subfamily of Nelson hake form (Phycidae) are classified into tadpoles, without forming a distinct subfamily. Betancur-R. and colleagues also give the tadpoles the rank of a family in their new system of bony fish , but also place the Gaidropsarinae in the family rank, which means they take over Nelson's extent of the Lotidae family.

Genera and species

  • Genus Brosme
    • Tusk ( Brosme brosme ) (Ascanius, 1772)
  • Genus Lota
    • Burbot ( Lota lota ) (Linnaeus, 1758)
  • Genus Molva
    • Blue ling ( Molva dypterygia ) (Pennant, 1784)
    • Mediterranean ling ( Molva macrophthalma ) (Rafinesque, 1810)
    • Ling ( Molva molva ) (Linnaeus, 1758)


Individual evidence

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