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A schooner, from Fredrik Henrik af Chapman's Architectura Navalis Mercatoria from 1768

The name Rahschoner is an umbrella term for all types of schooners that drive one or more masts with square sails in the mast top over the Schrat under sails ("Rahtoppen"). They will also topsail schooner (of English (square) topsail - topsail) called.

The square schooners do not include schooners that only carry gaff sails and possibly a wide jib , nor do brigantines , barquentines and jackass barges , as they only carry square sails and no gaff sails on the foremast.

Types of Rahschonern

stop sail schooner Mare Frisium

The Rahschonern include:

  • Topsail schooner: square top on foremast and main mast with topsail and bramrahen (single or double; three, rarely four sails)
  • Mars stop sail schooner : Rahtopp on the foremast with Mars and Bramrahen, on the main mast Schratt top sail as with the gaff schooner.
  • Bramsegelschoner: square top on foremast and main mast with Bramrahen (single or double (split slab sail), one or two sails)
  • Bramtoppsegelschoner: Rahtopp on the foremast with Bramrahe (s), Schrattoppsegel on the main mast.
  • Martian bram sails schooner: Martian wire op (2 to 3 sails) on the jib and bram wire op (1 to 2 sails) on the main mast
  • Polkabark: three-masted marshal, three-masted bramble or marsbram sail schooner, has a sloping bottom sail (real schooner) on all three masts, a rake on the two front masts, mizzen mast like a barque.
  • Schooner with Vinnen rigging : Marsrahtopp (three sails on four yards) on the foremast and middle mast (with five five-masted schooners built in 1922 by the Bremen shipping company F. A. Vinnen & Co .: Adolf Vinnen , Carl Vinnen , Christel Vinnen , Susanne Vinnen , Werner Vinnen ). They had, as it were unique, own, from the standard ( foremast , mainmast , Central mast, mizzen , mizzen ) deviating Mast result : foremast with Rahtopp, Vinnen mast with Schrattopp, mainmast with Rahtopp, mizzen with Schrattopp, mizzen mast. In addition to the three square sails, both square masts were fitted with curtain sails - large square sails attached to the bottom yard .

The Rahschoner used to be called schooner for a while, while the term "double topsail schooner " was used for Mars or Bramtoppsegelschoner (two masts with a Rahtopp). In contrast to other sailors, such as brigantine or barquentine , who use square and gaff sails, the above-mentioned schooners are "real" schooners, they have gaff sails on all of the lower masts.


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