Bird of prey class (Lake Constance)

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Ship data
country GermanyGermany Germany Switzerland
SwitzerlandSwitzerland (Swiss flag at sea) 

associated ships


Ship type Passenger ship
Shipyard Bodan shipyard , Kressbronn
Commissioning 1953
Ship dimensions and crew
25 m ( Lüa )
width 5.4 m
Draft Max. 1.11 m
displacement 30  t
Machine system
machine Diesel engine
220 hp (162 kW)
12.1 kn (22 km / h)

The five motor boats formerly used by the Deutsche Bundesbahn on Lake Constance are referred to as the bird of prey class . The first four boats entered service in 1953. They were intended to complement the two omnibus boats Forelle and Hecht and the small motor boat Woge . They were named eagle , falcon , hawk and sparrowhawk . In 1957 a fifth boat followed, which was named Milan .

Since the boats were too small for today's excursion traffic, all boats were sold between 1981 and 2004. They are still there, but not all of them drive on Lake Constance anymore.


The history of the bird of prey class began as early as 1920 when the newly founded Deutsche Reichsbahn took over the state railways of Bavaria , Württemberg and Baden . This also brought the passenger ships operated by the regional railways on Lake Constance into the Reichsbahn's business area.

In addition to the large ships of the line, the Reichsbahn also procured several small motor boats for local traffic and increasing tourism, see the passenger motor boats of the Deutsche Reichsbahn on Lake Constance . The experience and success of the passenger motor boats formed the basis for the Deutsche Bundesbahn, as the successor to the Reichsbahn, to procure the bird of prey class.

General and technology

All five boats were built by the Bodan shipyard in Kressbronn .

History of each boat


Home port: Lindau (from 1989 Konstanz)

The boat was sold in 1994.


Home port: Constance

The boat was sold in November 1989, moved to the Mondsee and given the new name Schafberg .


Home port: Friedrichshafen

The boat was sold in 1990, moved to Lake Lucerne and given the new name Wilhelm Tell .


Home port: Constance

The boat was sold in 1981, moved to Lake Lucerne and renamed in Brisen . On January 27, 1993 it was sold to a Dutch owner. Today it is stationed in Essen and operates on the waterways of the Rhine and Ruhr .

Milan (from 1984 moated castle )

Home port: Lindau

The boat Milan was renamed Wasserburg on the occasion of the 1200th anniversary of the Bavarian Lake Constance municipality Wasserburg . It was sold in 2004 and moved to Lake Lucerne .

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