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Reinhard G. Lehmann (born February 27, 1955 in Berlin-Spandau ) is a German (Protestant) theologian , ancient Hebrew and epigraphist .


Reinhard G. Lehmann comes from a Berlin artist family. His parents are the painter and university professor Lothar Lehmann (* 1928) and the painter Hannelore Kind. He studied Protestant theology and ancient Near Eastern languages from 1975 to 1983 at the Church University of Berlin and the Free University of Berlin , from 1977 to 1979 applied photography with Ernst A. Weber at the Berlin University of the Arts. 1983–1989 he was a research assistant at the chair of Diethelm Michel (1931–1999) in the Protestant Theology Department at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz .

In 1989 he received his doctorate with a thesis on " Friedrich Delitzsch and the Babel Bible Controversy". He has been Academic Councilor since 1989 and Academic Director for Hebrew, Aramaic and North Semitic Epigraphy at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz since 2006 . 1993–1999 he also worked at the Research Center for Hebrew Syntax at the University of Mainz under the direction of Diethelm Michel († 1999) on projects on the syntactic foundation of Hebrew nominal sentences; since 2006 he has been head of the Research Unit for Ancient Hebrew & Epigraphy / Research Unit on Ancient Hebrew & Epigraphy at Johannes Gutenberg University Mainz.

Lehmann's areas of expertise are Northwest Semitic (old Hebrew, Phoenician and Aramaic) epigraphy and grammatology and old Hebrew and Phoenician palaeography, calligraphy, typography and writing technique of the early 1st millennium BC. Chr. Its Neuentzifferung and new edition of the 1927 discovered are important Ahirom -Sarkophags (2005) and his studies on frühphönizischen writing technique.

Reinhard G. Lehmann is editor of KUSATU and founder and organizer of the "Mainz International Colloquium on Ancient Hebrew (MICAH)" (1998–2004: "Mainz Hebraistic Colloquium") and board member of the German Association of Hebrews.

He is married to Katharina Greschat and lives in Ingelheim am Rhein and Bochum .


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