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Young male Curly Coated Retriever

As Retriever [ rɪtriːvə (r) ] or retrievers are called hunting dogs that been shot low or spring wild find and then to the hunters return. This process is known as retrieving . In English the verb for fetching or bringing something back is to retrieve [ rɪˈtriːv ], from which the name of the dog is derived.

Recognized breeds

There are six retriever breeds recognized by the FCI that belong to the FCI Group 8 Retriever Dogs - Rooking Dogs - Water Dogs :

General use

The retriever dogs were bred to look for game (especially game birds) and bring them to the handler. This task requires calm and well socialized dogs, which combine high intelligence, independence and perseverance with good maneuverability and enjoyment of the water. The retrievers are rarely used in Germany, but in many European countries with great success in hunting . The good properties on which the usefulness for hunting is based are also suitable for other tasks. They perform excellently in mountain and avalanche accidents (see rescue dog ) and you can find them in many dog ​​squadrons of rescue services and aid organizations . They are also used with great success as drug detection dogs .

Although the retriever was bred to be a working dog , most retrievers today are kept as family dogs . Even as a family dog, the retriever needs species-appropriate tasks; for example through training to become a service dog , dummy training ( retrieving ) and / or other dog sports .

Training is facilitated by his proverbial 'will to please' (the desire to please his guide).

The retrievers are suitable for many types of dog sports, including:

Retrievers, with a few exceptions in the case of the Chesapeake Bay Retriever, are generally not suitable for protective work.

All retriever breeds are particularly suitable for retrieving tasks. Hunting-like situations are simulated with dummies . Dummies usually consist of canvas or canvas bags that are filled with plastic granulate or sawdust.


The terms fetch and Apporteur are loan words from French, on Latin apportare "We brought" back.

Retriever , however, is derived from the English verb retrieve "bring back", which is related to the French retrouver "find again".

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