Ricoldo da Monte di Croce

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Ricoldo da Monte di Croce and Pope Nicholas IV.

Ric (c) oldo da Monte di Croce (Latin: Ricoldus de Monte Crucis ; * around 1243 in Florence ; † October 31, 1320 ibid) was an Orient missionary . In 1288 he traveled as a preacher via Acre , Cilicia , Erzurum and Tabriz to Baghdad , from where he returned to Florence around 1300. The Koran refutation Contra legem Sarracenorum , which was written for his trip, became very important and was translated several times, including in 1542 into German by Martin Luther under the title Laying the Alcoran . It was a writing against the Ottomans threatening the Eastern Roman Empire , which Demetrios Kydones (1324-1397) had translated from Latin into Greek around 1530 and which Bartholomäus Picenus of Monte Arduo translated back into Latin in 1506. It served as a pamphlet against Islam and as an invitation to King Ferdinand II of Aragón to crusade. The Latin title was: Confutatio Alcorani seu legis Saracenorum / ex graeco nuper in latinum traducta .


  • Contra legem Sarracenorum
  • Libellus ad nationes orientales
  • Liber Peregrinationis (later referred to as Itinerarium ; autobiography)


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