River Gambia National Park

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River Gambia National Park
River Gambia National Park (Gambia)
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Coordinates: 13 ° 38 ′ 20 "  N , 14 ° 57 ′ 34"  W.
Location: Central River , Gambia
Specialty: Chimpanzee release
Next city: Janjanbureh
Surface: 585 ha
Founding: 1978
Visitors: not public
The Gambia River near the RGNP
The Gambia River near the RGNP
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The River Gambia National Park (RGNP) is a national park in the West African state of Gambia .


Established in 1978, the national park is located in the Central River Region , Niamina East District . It lies on the left bank of the Gambia River . The 585 hectare archipelago Baboon Islands , which includes a larger inland island and four smaller islands, belongs to the park . The national park is not open to the public.

The Nyassang Forest Park adjoins the left bank . On some maps, both parks are shown as a common area.


The predominant vegetation type on the flat Baboon Islands is tropical rainforest in the form of a gallery forest .


It finds there since 1979 a well-known chimpanzee - reintroduction sprojekt, the Chimpanzee Rehabilitation Project (CRP), led by Stella Marsden (daughter of Eddie Brewer instead). Chimpanzees confiscated from illegal animal trafficking from several countries were released back into the wild here. For her work, Marsden was awarded the British OBE by the Queen. The primates were raised in the Abuko Nature Reserve before 1979 . Today several groups of chimpanzees live, undisturbed by humans, on the three large river islands (435 h, 77 h and 53 h). They multiplied to 77 specimens in the third generation (as of July 2006). In the wild, chimpanzees disappeared in The Gambia as early as the early 20th century.

To protect animals and visitors, as chimpanzees can become very aggressive towards humans, entry to the islands is not allowed. Exceptions are only possible with official approval. Even the circumnavigation of the islands by boat was drastically restricted in 1998. Animal traders have tried several times in the past to illegally rob chimpanzees from the park.

In addition to the Commons chimpanzees ( Pan troglodytes verus ) live in the park still Guinea baboons ( Papio papio ), Western vervet monkeys ( Chlorocebus sabaeus ) and West African colobus monkeys ( Piliocolobus badius ,) the Guinea Baboon is quite well represented. Other mammals are the quite numerous warthogs ( Phacochoerus africanus ) and a few hippos ( Hippopotamus amphibius ), which have become rare in Gambia. In addition, live here aardvark ( Orycteropus afer senegalensis ), honey badgers ( Mellivora capensis ), serval ( Leptailurus serval brachyura ), Hausa genet ( Genetta thierryi ), African clawless otter ( Aonyx capensis ), African Manatee ( Trichechus senegalensis ).

Among the antelopes the are Buschbock ( Tragelaphus scriptus ), Maxwell Ducker ( Cephalophus maxwellii ) and crown Ducker ( Sylvicapra grimmia ) encountered. Reptiles are also plentiful, such as the Nile crocodile ( Crocodylus niloticus ), snakes and lizards. The bird world is very diverse and rich in species.

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