Inland island

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Monte Isola (lake island in Lake Iseo )
Petersaue (river island in the Rhine )
Inner island in the Liepnitzsee, Barnim, Brandenburg

An inland island is one in inland water ; H. mostly in a river or lake , island .

Several inland islands that are spatially close to one another can form an inland island group.


Inland islands in flowing water (a river or stream) are mostly called river islands . Accordingly, inland islands in still waters (such as a lake or reservoir) are usually referred to as lake islands .

Numerous river islands located in the Rhine are called Werth . Other regional names for this are Ward , Warder , Werd , Werder and Wörth .


Some of the most famous inland islands in Germany are the Bodensee island Mainau , Reichenau and Lindau .

The Borromean Islands in Lake Maggiore are an example of an inland island group .

Manitoulin is an island in Lake Huron in Canada . At 2766 km² it is the largest island in the world located in a lake .

Ilha do Bananal is a river island in the course of the Rio Araguaia in Brazil . It is around 350 kilometers long, up to 55 kilometers wide and has an area of ​​19,162 km². It is considered either the largest or second largest river island in the world after the Ilha de Marajó , depending on whether the Ilha de Marajó , which is partly on the Atlantic Ocean , is viewed as a pure river island or not.

The largest island in Namibia is a river island, namely Impalila Island in the Zambezi .

There are also inland island groups in rivers, such as the Baboon Islands and the Kai Hai Islands in the Gambia .

There are even islands in inland lakes that are located on an island, for example Motu Lahi in the volcanic lake Vai Siʻi on the island of Niuafoou in the South Pacific . The small volcanic island of Vulcan Point in the inner crater lake of the Taal volcano on the island of Luzon in the Philippines is also a special feature. It is probably the only inland island in the world that is itself located in a lake on another inland island (Taal Volcano Island in the outer crater lake, the Taal Lake ) is located on an island (Luzon).

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