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Robert Etheridge (born December 3, 1819 in Ross-on-Wye , † December 18, 1903 in Chelsea , London ) was a British geologist and paleontologist .


Etheridge was a business clerk in Bristol and studied natural history in his spare time. In 1850 he became curator of the Museum of the Bristol Philosophical Institution and lecturer in botany at the Medical School in Bristol. Through the mediation of Roderick Murchison , he was employed in 1857 at the Museum of Practical Geology in London and employee of the Geological Survey of Great Britain as a paleontologist. His task was to create paleontological annexes for the explanations of the geological maps. This gave him an excellent overview of the fossils of Great Britain. In 1865 he assisted Thomas Henry Huxley in compiling the museum's fossil catalog. From 1881 he left the Geological Survey and joined the geological department of the British Museum as Assistant Keeper, which he remained until 1891.

He also published a book on the fossils of Great Britain, of which only the first volume appeared, on layers of the Rhaetian (Upper Triassic) in Great Britain, on the geology of the north of Devon and paleontology of the Devonian .

In 1855 he became a Fellow of the Royal Society of Edinburgh and in 1871 of the Royal Society of London . 1881/82 he was President of the Geological Society of London , whose Murchison Medal he received in 1880.

His son Robert Etheridge junior was also a paleontologist.


  • Fossils of the British Islands, Stratigraphically and Zoologically arranged . Volume 1, 1888 (only the first volume on the Paleozoic appeared)
  • Stratigraphical Geology and Palaeontology . 1885 (reprint of the second volume of the Manual of Geology by John Phillips )


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