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Robert Maxwell Ogilvie (born June 5, 1932 , † November 7, 1981 in St Andrews , Scotland ) was a Scottish classical philologist .


Ogilvie taught Latin literature and classical philology at the University of St. Andrews and was co-editor of The Classical Quarterly from 1976 until his death in 1981. In 1972 he was elected a member ( Fellow ) of the British Academy . In 1979 he was inducted into the Royal Society of Edinburgh .

His commentary on Titus Livius ' Ab urbe condita is considered a magnum opus .


Comments on Livy

Over a hundred years after W. Weissenborn's commentaries appeared , Robert Maxwell Ogilvie published his commentaries on the first five books of Titus Livius in 1965 . The commentaries discuss the historical background, legal and religious aspects and the linguistic peculiarities of Livy. At the end of the book there is an extensive index collection. References to supplementary or basic literature can be found throughout the book on the relevant topics.

In the introduction, the author explains who he wrote the comments for:

"The aim of my commentary ought to be to make it easier for a reader to appreciate the ancient text. (...) I have not, therefore, written it specifically for the needs of the schoolboy or the undergraduate or the scholar but rather for the use of anyone who wants to read Livy. "

Upon publication, The Classical Review wrote that the commentaries would be an excellent introduction to Livy for many years, and that the author would no doubt be able to edit Books IV better than has ever been done before. The strength of the comments would come from a. when it comes to Livy’s narrative techniques, how he focused on individual topics and / or transformed the annalistic narrative scheme. The tendency of the comments to dogmatism and the exclusion of several possibilities is criticized. In addition, a number of footnotes are listed that are not convincing. The author's attitude towards early Roman history is described as " skeptical-conservative " and he himself makes it clear that archeology has a lot more to say than Livius research for the truth of the history of ancient Rome.

Since their publication, the commentaries have developed into a standard work and can be found in every major library with an ancient studies section.

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