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Ronald "Ron" Leavitt (* 7. November 1947 in Brooklyn , New York ; † 10. February 2008 in Sherman Oaks (Los Angeles) , California ) was a US -American screenwriter and television producer .


Leavitt was best known as a co-creator of the American television series A Terribly Nice Family (originally: Married ... with Children ). The show, with 259 episodes in eleven seasons, became the second longest sitcom on FOX after The Simpsons .

Born in Brooklyn , Leavitt began his television career in the 1970s, scripting various sitcoms such as The Bears Are On The Go . He worked successfully as a screenwriter until the mid-1980s and was awarded several prizes. At the end of the 80s, together with Michael G. Moye, he developed Married With Children , which, when it made its television debut in 1987, contradicted many of the established customs and rules, which led to public protests and some companies withdrew their commercials. He continued working on the series as executive producer and co-wrote nearly 150 episodes on the script. Among other things, the series has been nominated seven times for an Emmy and just as often for the Golden Globe .

Another series developed by Leavitt and successful in Germany is Auf schlimmer und Ewig (Originally: Unhappily Ever After ), which is based relatively closely on the successful concept of the "terribly nice family".

Leavitt died of lung cancer at the age of 60. He left behind two children as well as his long-term partner, model and actress Jessica Hahn .

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