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A snot nose is a slang term for a cold , runny nose . In addition, the term is also used in various figurative meanings.

Transferred Uses

  • Snotty nose is used seriously to vulgar mostly by older people in everyday language to designate children and young people who express themselves or behave cheekily, disrespectfully or not in accordance with their age. The expressions Rotzlöffel , Rotzbengel, Brat and rotzfrech belong in the same category , in the Austrian-speaking area also Rotzpippen or Rotzpipn. The terms Naseweis , Schlauberger or Dreikäsehoch can also be used less disparagingly .
  • The Polygonatum also be referred to as "Rotznasen" because of the greenish hem of their leaves.
  • In the printing industry, “snotty nose” is a misprint in the gravure printing process . Dirt deposits such as paper dust, pigment encrustations - i.e. snot - under the doctor blade cause the printing ink to pull out like a nose and print these shapes onto the substrate.
  • In the painting trade, when painting (with paint) and especially when painting, an accumulation of paint running down due to the formation of drops on the colored surface is referred to as a "snot nose".
  • The term “snotty nose” is also used less crude and transposed for groups of children or children's facilities. In Bremen and Munich you can find the parent-child initiative "Rotznase eV", in Bonn the shop "Rotznase-Kindermoden", in Augsburg there is the project "Rotznase" of the Evangelisches Bildungswerk Augsburg eV (EBW) to support the parents of sick children the offer of the "Family Relief Work".
  • One of the "Funny Pingos" from the surprise egg figure series published in 1992 is called "Ralf Rotznase".
  • From the cartoon series The Smurfs comes the sorcerer's apprentice Snotty nose of the evil magician Gargamel. He is spoken by Brigitte Böttrich in the cartoon series .
  • The non-profit Viennese association CliniClowns -Austria, founded in 1991, has “Dr. Snot nose ”in the role offer. The members of this association, who all practice as doctors, delight and distract the little patients in the children's wards of various hospitals during clown visits.
  • The group BAP told in her song lyrics for the song to be continued by the little boy "then opwach em Djungel, despite Rotznaas as a man."


  • Children used to have snotty noses, today snotty noses have children . (Peter E. Schumacher (* 1941), German aphorism collector and publicist)
  • Every elegant snot nose can blow their nose in silk . ( Sorbian proverb )
  • A snotty nose becomes a man, but not a worthless mocker . ( Estonian proverb )
  • Snot nose, block on the calf. ( Reinhard Mey , 1982)


In the cartoon series The Smurfs , the snotty nose appears as the title hero in the following episodes

  • Snot nose and the big book of spells (68th episode)
  • The Journey into the Interior of the Smurf, Snot Nose's Dearest (192nd episode)
  • Master snot nose, Muffi learns to swim (197th episode)
  • Master Nydegger: the master of snot noses


Books in which snotty noses hold the title role

  • Alf Landreks: The snot nose. Normalverlag, Frankfurt a. M. 1971.
  • Martin Auer, Linda Wolfsgruber: Princess Snotty Nose. Publ. P No 1, Provincial Library, Weitra 1999, ISBN 3-85252-375-3 . (received the Children's and Youth Book Prize of the City of Vienna in 2002)
  • Margaret Atwood, Dušan Petričić: Snotty Ramsay and the roaring radishes. Bloomsbury children's and youth books, Berlin 2005, ISBN 3-8270-5026-X .

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