Rudolf Germer

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Rudolf Germer (born April 17, 1884 in Schönberg , Altmark, † November 18, 1938 in Berlin ) was a German landscape architect and district gardener for the Wedding district of Berlin.


From 1898 to 1901 Germer completed an apprenticeship as a gardener at A. Heimes commercial gardening company in Seehausen . He traveled to the Netherlands, Belgium, France and Switzerland. From 1907 to 1909 he studied at the Kgl. Pomological Institute in Proskau and joined the municipal garden administration of Charlottenburg on April 1, 1909 .

He was district garden director of Wedding in 1919 and 1922–1938 and designed a. a. Facilities at Plötzensee , Gartenplatz , Oskarplatz (today Louise-Schroeder-Platz ), Sparrplatz and Vinetaplatz . City gardening director Erwin Barth used Germer's plans for the Rehberge park for the design (from 1926). His office building was located on Gustav-Meyer-Allee from 1926–1930 , and from 1931–1938 he lived at  90 African Street. His grave is in the Seestrasse urn cemetery .


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