Saxon homeland sheets

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Saxon homeland sheets

description Journal for Saxon history, monument preservation, nature and the environment
language German
publishing company Center for Culture // History Niederjahna
First edition 1955
Frequency of publication quarterly
editor Lars-Arne Dannenberg and Matthias Donath
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Sächsische Heimatblätter is the name of a magazine for Saxon history , monument preservation , nature and the environment , which has been published under this title since 1955 and has been published by Lars-Arne Dannenberg and Matthias Donath since 2015 .

The Sächsische Heimatblätter emerged from the separately published local history sheets for the districts of Dresden , Karl-Marx-Stadt and Leipzig . They appeared until 1990 in the publishing house of the Kulturbund des Bezirks Dresden , then until 2002 in the publishing house of the Saxon printing and publishing house in Dresden and since then in the publishing house Gumnior in Chemnitz . The individual issues usually have a total of 96 pages. The contributions offer a broad cross-section of topics from history, nature, culture and art to problems of regional culture and nature conservation related to the borders of the Free State of Saxony . The target group are both specialists, local researchers and local friends in general.

From 1990 to 2014 Klaus Gumnior was the responsible editor of Sächsische Heimatblätter, since 2003 as editor and publisher. Matthias Donath and Lars-Arne Dannenberg have been editorially responsible for the magazine since 2015.

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