Samuel Rudolf Frisching

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Samuel Rudolf Frisching, Portrait of Jakob Emanuel Handmann (1762)
Ex libris for Samuel Rudolf Frisching by Balthasar Anton Dunker (around 1778/79).

Samuel Rudolf Frisching (born December 11, 1746 ; † 1809 in Dijon ) was a Bernese dragoon captain .


He was the son of Johann Rudolf Frisching from the Frisching patrician family and Margaretha Frisching and a grandson of Rudolf Emanuel Frisching . He inherited the Frischinghaus in Bern, Rümligen Castle and the Morillon Campagne near Bern. He was married to Rosina Margaritha von Tscharner , with whom he had a daughter. In Bern he was nicknamed “Kramburg”, which came from his fictional position “Landvogt von Kramburg” in the outer state . The bailiwick of Kramburg was named after the Kramburg ruins . In 1780 he left the city of Bern with his lover Catharina Mutach, wife of Gottlieb Fischer vom Oberried . The farewell letter to her husband contained the words: «A la veille de mon départ; vous ne me reverrez plus, vous ne me lirez plus, je m'abandonne au seul être à qui j'ai donné ma confiance; si je suis malhereux, mon malheur est sans remède. Je vous recommande mom anfant ». The two came to Darmstadt via Karlsruhe , Schwetzingen and Mannheim , where they presented themselves as "Baron et Baronne de Crambourg". The two traveled through Belgium, France, Italy and Austria in the coming years, but were not allowed to return to Bern.

Franz Sigmund von Wagner called Frisching the "Bernese Alcibiades ". A nickname that Frisching gave himself, because his ex-libris designed by Balthasar Anton Dunker contains, in addition to the Frisching's coat of arms, a bust, the signature “ ALCIBIADE ” and the motto “probe et fortiter”.

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