Sawa Mutkurow

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Sawa Mutkurow
Proclamation for the establishment of the interim government under Georgi Stranski and the listing of its members u. a. Sawa Mutkurow

Sawa Atanassow Mutkurow ( Bulgarian Сава Атанасов Муткуров ; * December 4 July / December 16,  1852 greg. In Tarnowo ; † March 3 July / March 15,  1891 greg. In Naples , Italy ) was the first Bulgarian general and the first bearer of the Bulgarian Cross of Merit.


Mutkurov was educated in Moscow , entered service in the Russian army and took part in the Turkish War in 1877 and 1878 as the leader of the 54th Infantry Regiment. Mutkurov was an avid supporter of the Bulgarian People's Liberal Party . He was next to Sachari Stojanow one of the leaders of the union of Bulgaria with Eastern Rumelia on September 6th July. / September 18, 1885 greg. and part of the subsequent interim government under Georgi Stranski . In the subsequent Serbian-Bulgarian War he was promoted to lieutenant colonel and commanded the center and right wing of the Bulgarian army in the storming of Pirots ( Battle of Pirot ).

Mutkurov, together with Stefan Stambolow, organized the counter-coup against the government installed in Sofia after the pro-Russian coup d'état of August 21, 1886 , and when Prince Alexander abdicated, he was appointed to the regency alongside Stambolow and Petko Karawelow . After Prince Ferdinand took office, Mutkurow became a colonel and minister of war in the government of Stefan Stambolow in 1887 .

Sawa Mutkurow contributed with his unit was decisive for the success of the counter-coup of 1886 against the pro-Russian forces, which brought him many political opponents. In addition, several pro-Russian revolts in late 1886 and early 1887, supported by Russia , were suppressed during his reign . In another revolt among officers of the Bulgarian army, people were also executed in Russia. This and the political murders of politicians close to Stambolov prompted him to flee abroad after his time as Minister of War. In February 1891 Mutkurow resigned from his office and was promoted to general. Mutkurow died in Naples on March 15, 1891.

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