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Schistidium apocarpum s.  st.

Schistidium apocarpum s. st.

Subdivision : Bryophytina
Class : Bryopsida
Subclass : Dicranidae
Order : Grim
Family : Grimmiaceae
Genre : Schistidium
Scientific name
Break & chimp.

Schistidium (German Spalthütchen or Spalthütchenmoose ) is a genus of deciduous mosses from the family Grimmiaceae .


Schistidium species form cushion-shaped lawns. The individual, upright to prostrate plants are more or less strongly branched, have ovate to lanceolate, blunt to pointed leaves with a distinct rib that extends to the tip of the leaf or protrudes briefly. Often there is a glass tip. The leaf margins are flat or rolled back. The lamina cells are usually square at the top and elongated around the lower part of the leaf. They can be smooth to papilose. The upper leaf area and especially the leaf margins are often multilayered. The almost always numerous spore capsules on the mostly quite short seta are more or less sunk into the perichaetial leaves, have 16 peristomal teeth , a broadly conical and short beaked lid and a small, cap-shaped or cap-shaped calyptra .

Systematics and types

The species delimitation in the genus Schistidium was and is difficult and controversial. For one part, the Schistidium apocarpum complex, HHBlom submitted a revision for Norway and Sweden in 1996, in which it is divided into a number of (small) species.

In the system presented by Frey, Fischer & Stech, around 110 species are distinguished worldwide. Around 32 species are represented in Germany, Austria and Switzerland, including the following (selection):


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