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Sergei Alexandrovich Buturlin

Sergei Alexandrowitsch Buturlin , also Sergius Alexandrovich Buturlin ( Russian Сергей Александрович Бутурлин ; born September 22, 1872 in Montreux , † January 22, 1938 in Moscow ) was a Russian ornithologist .


Buturlin attended school in Simbirsk and later studied law in St. Petersburg , but his interest in zoology was so great that he spent most of his career collecting in various areas of Russia and Siberia and processing the results of his observations. Until 1892 he collected in the Volga region, then in the Baltic States and finally 1900-02 on the islands of Kolgujew and Novaya Zemlya . 1904-06 he was on an expedition to Kolyma in northeastern Siberia involved, then in 1909 he visited the Altai - steppes , and in 1925 he made his last trip to the peninsula of Chukotka .

As a result of his extensive fieldwork, he published a large number of important manuscripts on taxonomy and the distribution of the Palearctic birds , among others also

  • The birdlife of Kogulev Island and Novaya Zemlya and the upper part of Darna (1901)
  • The bird world of the Simbirsk Governorate (1906)
  • The bird world of the Yenisisker district (1911, with Arkadi Jakowlewitsch Tugarinow (1880–1948))
  • a series of manuscripts on the birds of the Far East (1909–17)
  • Complete Synopsis of the Birds of the USSR in three volumes

He also edited manuscripts on certain groups of birds, on his discovery of the breeding grounds of the rose gull , Rhodostethia rosea , and on other various zoological topics, hunting and geography . His works were about 2000 in number. In 1918 he joined the Zoological Museum of Moscow University , where he dedicated himself to his ornithological discoveries and observations, and in 1924 ceded his collection of Palearctic birds to the museum.

Buturlin was elected a foreign member of the British Ornithologists 'Union in 1906, a Corresponding Member of the American Ornithologists' Union in 1907 and an honorary member in 1916. He was a pioneer of Russia's biodiversity research and described more than 200 new bird species. He was one of the most prominent Russian ornithologists and a leader in the field of Palearctic birds.


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  • On the breeding habits of the rosy gull and the pectoral sandpiper. London 1907.
  • Систематические заметки о птицах Северного Кавказа. Makhachkala 1929.
  • Определитель промысловых птиц. Советская Азия, Moscow 1933.
  • Полный определитель птиц СССР. КИОЦ, Moscow 1934–41.
  • Что и как наблюдать в жизни птиц. 1934.
  • Трубконозые птицы. КИОЦ, Moscow 1936.
  • Дробовое ружье. 1937.
  • Птицы. Moscow 1940 pm


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