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Seth Benardete (born April 4, 1930 in Brooklyn , † November 14, 2001 ) was an American classical philologist and historian of philosophy .

Seth Benardete came from a family of academics. His father, Maír José Benardete, was a professor of Spanish at Brooklyn College and an expert on Sephardic culture, and his mother was a professor in the English Department at Brooklyn College. His older brother, José Benardete, was a well-known philosopher.

Benardete studied from 1948 on at the University of Chicago , where he obtained a BA in Classics in 1949. This was followed by graduate studies at the Committee on Social Thought of the same university, where he was a student of Leo Strauss with Allan Bloom , Harvey Mansfield , Stanley Rosen and Philipp Fehl, among others . This study was interrupted by a year at the American School of Classical Studies at Athens (1952–1953) and a year in Florence with a Ford Foundation Fellowship (1953–54), where he did his dissertation on Achilles and Hector: The Homeric Hero wrote, with the 1955 at the Committee on Social Thought for a Ph.D. 1955 received his doctorate.

His first job was as a tutor at St. John's College in Annapolis , Maryland (1955-1957). This was followed by two years at Harvard University (1957–1960) and some at Brandeis University (1960–1965). Until his retirement he researched and taught at New York University and at the New School .

His main research interests were Homer (the Iliad ) and Herodotus at the beginning , but in the course of his career he developed into a Plato expert who published on almost all of Plato's writings. A late work combined an interpretation of the Odyssey with a Platonic approach. His research was supported by the National Endowment for the Humanities , the Earhart Foundation, and the Carl Friedrich von Siemens Stiftung .

He was married to his wife Jane, a literary scholar. They had a son, Ethan, a neurosurgeon, and a daughter, Alexandra Emma, ​​an architect.

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