Sheridan Gibney

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Sheridan Gibney (* 11. June 1903 in New York City ; † 12. April 1987 in Missoula , Montana ) was an American screenwriter , who at the Academy Awards in 1937 for the biopic Louis Pasteur with both the Oscar for best original story as was awarded the Oscar for Best Adapted Screenplay .


Gibney began his career as a screenwriter in the Hollywood film industry in 1932, writing the script for the film Week-End Marriage, and then drafting the templates for over twenty films.

At the Academy Awards in 1937, he and Pierre Collings received both the Oscar for the best original story and the "Best Adapted Screenplay" category for the 1936 film biography Louis Pasteur . With Stephen Vincent Benét he wrote the script for the romantic drama Cheers for Miss Bishop (1941). Gibney also served as President of the Screen Writers Guild from 1947 to 1948 .


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