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Siegfried Hauptmann (1985)

Siegfried Hauptmann (born April 23, 1931 in Dürrhennersdorf (Upper Lusatia), † April 18, 2011 in Leipzig ) was a German chemist . With his textbook on organic chemistry , he created a standard work in this subject in 1976, which was widely used in the German-speaking world.


After graduating from high school in Löbau, Hauptmann studied chemistry at the University of Leipzig from 1950 . He received his doctorate in 1958 under Wilhelm Treibs in the field of organic synthesis (pentalenes) . In 1961 he completed his habilitation with work on the effects of thionyl chloride on pinacols . In the same year he took up a position as a lecturer at the Karl Marx University in Leipzig . From 1968 to 1972 Hauptmann headed the chemistry section there. In 1969 he was appointed associate professor. Siegfried Hauptmann was Vice-Rector for Natural Sciences and Deputy Chairman of the Scientific Advisory Board of the University of Leipzig between 1973 and 1980, and from 1990 he managed a C4 professorship at the University of Göttingen for two semesters . Hauptmann had been retired since 1996.

Scientific papers and textbooks (selection)

The research is documented in over 90 publications in the field of organic chemistry and includes:

Hauptmann is the author or co-author of numerous textbooks:

  • Siegfried Hauptmann, Jürgen Graefe, Horst Remane: Organische Chemie , 1st edition 1976, Deutscher Verlag für Grundstoffindustrie, Leipzig, 2nd revised edition 1980, 3rd edition 1991, Wiley-VCH, ISBN 3-527-30925-X
  • Siegfried Hauptmann, Gerhard Mann, Achim Hantschmann: Tasks for organic chemistry , 1st edition 1981, German publishing house for basic industry, Leipzig, ISBN 3-342-00384-7
  • Siegfried Hauptmann: Introduction to Organic Chemistry , 1st edition 1982, German publishing house for basic industry, Leipzig, ISBN 3-342-00383-9
  • Siegfried Hauptmann: Structure and reaction in chemistry , 1st edition 1988, German publishing house for basic industry, Leipzig, ISBN 3-342-00655-2
  • Siegfried Hauptmann, Gerhard Mann: Stereochemistry , 1st edition 1996, Spektrum Akademischer Verlag GmbH, Heidelberg, Berlin, Oxford, ISBN 3-86025-144-9
  • Theophil Eicher , Siegfried Hauptmann: The Chemistry of Heterocycles , 1st English edition 2003 (1st German edition 1994), Wiley-VCH GmbH & Co.KGaA, Weinheim, ISBN 3-527-30720-6
  • EAGLE jump-start chemistry. 3rd, edited and expanded edition 2004 (1st, 2nd edition by BG Teubner Leipzig as "Teubner-Starthilfe" 1996, 1998), Edition am Gutenbergplatz Leipzig, ISBN 3-937219-07-2 ( EAGLE 007 )


  • Honorary doctorate from the University of Potosi (Bolivia) (1967)

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