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The Siggi Gerhard Swingtett (2006)

The "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett" was founded in 1953 by clarinetist Siggi Gerhard (* 1930) and guitarist Hilbert Homberg in Dortmund and existed until 2013. At that time it was the oldest still active swing formation in Germany.


The ensemble had its breakthrough in 1958 when it was invited to the Frankfurt Jazz Festival . In the same year the first recordings were made. It also performed at the Ruhr Festival and gave concerts with Kurt Edelhagen's orchestra . The combo is considered one of the most prominent representatives of swing and feels particularly indebted to composers of jazz such as Count Basie , Duke Ellington , George Gershwin , Benny Goodman and Cole Porter . The works of these important role models can be heard in new arrangementsin which the Swingtett's own interpretations find their expression. According to the jazz podium, "interplay and soloing are of considerable perfection, without ever lapsing into smooth and coldly routine play."

The Swingtett played in the Goodman-oriented sextet, which has existed since its foundation, with clarinet ( saxophone , violin ), guitar , vibraphone , double bass , drums and piano .

In addition to the two founding members, the Swingtett has now been made up of top-class young musicians (including Matthias Rumpf (1986–1989), Christoph Neubronner and Matthias Strucken ). With them the longstanding tradition of the band is continued and new accents are set in mainstream jazz .

In November 1999 the "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett & Brass" was established by adding a trumpet (or flugelhorn ) and trombone to the original line -up . The new brass formation and the "classic" line-up integrated into it formed the basis for great musical and tonal diversity. The band also performed with guest soloists such as Greetje Kauffeld , Beverly Daley and Romy Camerun .

After the sudden death of co-founder Hilbert Homberg in August 2013 and a farewell concert in November 2013 in Dortmund, the band was officially dissolved.

Discographic notes

  • 1991: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett" & Jenny Evans : Live in Concert
  • 1996: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett": Live in Concert
  • 1997: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett": I Got Rhythm
  • 1998: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett" & Greetje Kauffeld: Live in Concert
  • 2001: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett & Brass": Take the Ellington
  • 2002: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett & Brass": Fascinating Gershwin
  • 2002: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett & Brass": Cole Porter - Let's Do It ...
  • 2003: 50 years of Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett
  • 2006: "Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett & Brass": On the Road live with Beverly Daley, vocals
  • 2008: 55 years Siggi Gerhard-Swingtett: Swing

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Individual evidence

  1. Gerhard Hopfe, Jazzpodium 9/2008: 77th
  2. Last concert: Farewell to the Siggi-Gerhard-Swingtett , Ruhr-Nachrichten , November 4, 2013