Summer Thunderstorm (1998)

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Original title Summer thunderstorm
Country of production Germany
original language German
Publishing year 1998
length 89 minutes
Director Dagmar Damek
script Christiane Sadlo
production Ulrich Otte
music Patrick Buttmann
camera Lothar E. Stickelbrucks
cut Klaus Dudenhöfer

Sommergewitter is a German television film from 1998 that was shown for the first time on December 22, 1998 on ZDF . It is a production of the Aspect Telefilm-Produktion ( Markus Trebitsch ) on behalf of the ZDF. The script comes from the pen of the successful author Christiane Sadlo .


Benedikt and Hanna Lorenz run a veterinary practice in Munich. When one night her 16-year-old daughter Nena ran out of gas with friends and Benedikt drives off to pick it up, he dies in a traffic accident. Against the resistance of her daughter, who does not want to give up her friends and the big city, Hanna decides to take over a veterinary practice in rural Holstein, whose owner, Doc Martens, trains her and accommodates her. The farmers are initially skeptical of a woman, although Hanna is up to her task. Hanna's 10-year-old son Benni befriends the doc, and Nena becomes friends with Jörg, who is the same age, who is the groom at Count Michael von Daldorf's stud, where Hanna is often needed. Nena is allowed to practice obstacle riding there and is increasingly enthusiastic about the move. The count is in a relationship with the tournament rider Irena Sahmer, but holds back with feelings. When Hanna wanted to talk to von Daldorf about Nena one evening, she found him on the lakeshore at the grave of his daughter, who had died at the age of eight. Because of a sudden thunderstorm, they seek shelter in a mill, where they fall asleep leaning against each other and kiss each other in the morning. Irena sees the two riding back hand in hand and tells Michael that Hanna reminds her of Katherina, his ex-wife. Michael then rejects Hanna, does not want to fall in love, addictions, or bonds without explaining them in more detail. Michael visits Katherina in prison, who is released a little earlier. Irena drags Michael to the jeweler to buy wedding rings. The vet informs Hanna and Nena of the upcoming marriage. At the stud, Nena accuses the count of not marrying Irena out of love. The countess arrives and visits the daughter's grave with her ex. Doc Martens tells Hanna that Katherina was convicted of her daughter's death and divorced immediately afterwards. Michael tells Irena that he can't marry her because he doesn't love her. Immediately afterwards her horse is injured and Hanna has to help with an operation. Then Michael confesses to Hanna that he loves her, but she doesn't want to have anything more to do with him. Michael explains to her that he blackmailed Katherina and his daughter when she wanted to leave him because of another man, she stayed, but because of the tension with him and the daughter in the car, she crashed into a bridge pier. For fear of painful feelings, he had rejected Hanna and he would not marry Irena. Hanna is too injured to be able to get involved with Michael again and goes to the mill, to which Michael soon comes riding. They walk up to each other and hug.


"Problem-laden, melodramatic women's fate."

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