Bulky rush

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Bulky rush
Bulky bulrush (Juncus squarrosus)

Bulky bulrush ( Juncus squarrosus )

Order : Sweet grass (Poales)
Family : Rush Family (Juncaceae)
Genre : Rushes ( Juncus )
Type : Bulky rush
Scientific name
Juncus squarrosus

The bulky rush ( Juncus squarrosus ) belongs to the rush family (Juncaceae).

Distribution and location

The bulky rush is native to Europe and parts of North Africa. It grows in poor pastures, on bog trails , in heather bogs and on the edge of nutrient-poor waters on moist, base-poor, acidic, sandy-clayey or pure peat soils . It is a character species of Juncetum squarrosi from the Juncion squarrosi association, but also occurs in societies of Ericion tetralicis.

Bulky bulrush ( Juncus squarrosus ), illustration


The bulky bulrush is an evergreen, perennial, hemicryptophyte that reaches heights of between 10 and 35 centimeters. It forms dense lawns with short runners. The flowering stems that grow rigidly upright have a tuft of numerous bristle-shaped, stiff and runny leaves at the base . They are always significantly longer than this. The leaves grow from the shoot protruding, arching and ascending.

The terminal inflorescence is a doldy spiral with longer and several short bracts and several more or less long stalked partial inflorescences with densely packed individual flowers. The skin-fringed, between 5 and 7 millimeters long petals ( perigon ) are strong and olive-brown with a green central stripe. They are as long as the blunt, cylindrical-egg-shaped and spiky, brown capsule fruit . The seeds are elongated and reticulate-pitted. The bulky bulrush blooms from June to August.

The number of chromosomes is 2n = 42, less often 40.


The long-lived capsule fruits can be detached from the plant by shaking them and are spread by the wind. The flowers are pollinated by the wind.


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