Chief Ensign (NVA)

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National People's Army,
Senior Ensign (1979–1990)
GDR Army W1-4 Ensign sleeve.jpg GDR Army W4 Oberfähnrich.gif

Sleeve badge / shoulder piece
armored troop

Rank group the ensign
NATO rank code W-4 comparable
Rank Army / Air Force Senior Ensign
Marine rank Chief Ensign of the VM
Abbreviation (in lists) StOFähnr (SOFR)
Badge of rank Volksmarine
WO1 Ensign VM Sleeves.png
WO4 Oberfähnrich VM.png

Sleeve badge / shoulder piece

Stabsoberfähnrich (abbr .: StOFähnr / in lists: Sofr ) designated in the National People's Army of the GDR to the highest rank of the rank group of cadets .

The address read: Comrade senior ensign . The position of the warrant officer in the English-speaking armed forces would have been comparable to this rank group.

Classification in the hierarchy

Ensigns of the NVA formed an independent career group that was located between the NCOs and the officers. This was largely supplemented by senior, highly qualified NCOs with portepee or applicants with a higher school or university degree who were appointed ensign directly after completing a two-year training course . This training was part of the armed forces , for example for the NVA air forces at the military technical school of the air forces / air defense "Harry Kuhn" . During this training, the soldiers wore their own ensign student ranks . Previously serving as a non-commissioned officer was desirable, but rather rare towards the end of the 1980s.


German Democratic RepublicGerman Democratic Republic (land of war flag)
Senior Ensign

Other countries

With this concept, the NVA leadership followed the example of the USSR, which reintroduced the Praporschtschik career group from 1971 . A similar development took place in other Warsaw Pact states, but there they resorted in part to denominations of rank that were linked to the national military traditions of the country concerned.

Countries with different rank designations


In contrast to the Reichswehr , Wehrmacht and Bundeswehr , the officer candidates of the NVA did not have ensign ranks , but officer student ranks with the current academic year designation.

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