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The Vilnius City Municipality ( Lithuanian Vilniaus miesto savivaldybė ) is a municipality in Lithuania . The administrative association consists of the two cities of Vilnius and Grigiškės as well as three villages in the administrative district of Grigiškės , in which there are 18 lakes.

It is represented by the Vilnius City Council ( Lithuanian Vilniaus miesto savivaldybės taryba ). The executive power is the Vilnius Municipality Administration ( Lithuanian Vilniaus savivaldybės administracija ).


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Vice Mayor


In 1941 the four city rajons Lenino, Stalino, Dzeržinskio and Tarybų were built in Vilnius. In 1946 Vilnius became a republic city. From 1947 there were five city rajonas : Dzeržinskio rajonas , Lenino rajonas , Naujosios Vilnios rajonas (dissolved in 1950), Stalino rajonas and Tarybų rajonas .

In 1995 the Municipality of Vilnius was established. 1999 Grigiškių seniūnija was assigned by the Rajongemeinde Trakai .

The Vilnius Municipality Central Library has existed since 2006 .

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