Stanislaw Gucwa

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Stanisław Jan Gucwa [ staˈnʲiswaf jan ˈgʊt͡ɕfa ] (born April 18, 1919 in Przybysławice near Brzesko , † August 14, 1994 in Warsaw ) was a Polish economist and politician of the peasant parties ( SL and ZSL ). From 1971 to 1981 he was party leader of the ZSL and from 1972 to 1985 Sejmmarschall .


Stanisław Gucwa graduated from the agricultural vocational school in Wojnicz in 1936 . Until the outbreak of war he worked in a farmers 'cooperative and took part in the farmers' protests in 1937. During the Second World War he was a partisan of the Bataliony Chłopskie . After the war, he joined SL in 1945 (merged with ZSL in 1949). He studied economics in Warsaw until his graduation in 1948 and then completed a postgraduate degree in foreign trade at the Warsaw School of Commerce in 1949 .

In the late 1940s, Gucwa accepted a simple civil servant position in the Ministry of Supply. In the following years he was promoted regularly and in 1957 rose to Undersecretary in the Ministry of Agriculture . From 1968 to 1971 he was Minister for Food Industry and Purchase of Agricultural Products in the Cyrankiewicz and Jaroszewicz Cabinets . In 1971 he was elected party chairman of the ZSL and deputy chairman of the State Council (collective head of state). As early as 1961, he received a mandate for a member of the Sejm and, after the 1972 election, became Sejmmarschall (President of Parliament) on March 28th. He held this position for three terms until 1985. In 1981 he resigned from party leadership. In 1985 he became a Member of Parliament for the last time. In 1989 he no longer stood for election.

In 1974 Gucwa was awarded the Order of Builders of People's Poland.

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