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Stefan Fourier at a meeting of the Friends of Hanover in 2016

Stefan Fourier (* 1949 in Freiberg ) is a German management consultant , scientist and author . He lives and works in Hanover .


Stefan Fourier grew up in the German Democratic Republic (GDR) in a bourgeois family that was rare at the time , as both his grandfather and his father were small businesses.

Fourier studied physics in Dresden at the Technical University there , where he specialized in the application of radioactive isotopes as well as in the mathematical recording of spectral analyzes . Until 1985 he researched high polymer plastics and finally received his doctorate in the field of process chemistry under the title Contributions to the mathematical modeling of the coagulation process .

In 1987 Stefan Fourier fled from the GDR "[...] out of a new conviction" to what was then the Federal Republic of Germany, where he and his wife founded the consulting company Humanmanagement with a focus on change and innovation , especially with the focus on corporate development and process optimization , Change management and project management .

Fourier sees himself as an ambassador "[...] of freedom, responsibility and community", publishes his content in specialist texts and non-fiction books, but also in fables , short stories and aphorisms . From 1994 almanacs appeared under the title “ Essence for People in Responsibility”.


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