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A well camouflaged turbot

A well camouflaged turbot

Order : Carangiformes
Partial order : Flatfish (Pleuronectoideo)
Family : Turbot (Scophthalmidae)
Genre : Scophthalmus
Type : Turbot
Scientific name
Scophthalmus maximus
( Linnaeus , 1758)
Turbot, image taken on the coast of Galicia

The turbot ( Scophthalmus maximus , Syn. : Psetta maxima , Bothus maximus , Rhombus maximus L. ) is a flatfish , whose eyes are on its left flank body. Its underside (right body flank) is white, the upper side (left body flank) adapts to its surroundings. It has no scales but has large bones that look like small stones from which the fish got its name. It lives on the European coasts of the Atlantic Ocean , the Mediterranean , the North and Baltic Seas on sand and scree at depths of 20 to 70 meters. Here it mainly prey on small fish living on the bottom, but also crabs and molluscs . The almost circular, scale- less , valued edible fish reaches an average length of 50 to 70 centimeters, is rarely up to a meter long, whereby it then reaches a weight of more than 20 kilograms. In the trade it is also called Turbutt (English Turbot ).

The brill, which also occurs on European coasts, is closely related to turbot .


The spawning season in the North Sea region is from April to August. The female, the Rogner , releases 10 to 15 million eggs into the open water at depths of 10 to 40 meters, depending on body size. After insemination by the male, the milk maker , the fertilized eggs develop into the initially symmetrical larvae after seven to nine days , which feed on plankton in the flat coastal areas . When the young fish, which have since become very asymmetrical, namely left-eyed, have reached a length of eight to ten centimeters, they move into deeper water, where they are able to reproduce after five years .


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