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Salmon Roe
Salmon roe in the Shiogama Seafood Market in Japan

As Rogen all of the tires is eggs of female fish and other marine animals such as sea urchins , shrimp and clams called. Female fish are called Rogner (or Rogener ) in technical terms . Like other seafood , it is used both cooked and raw in a variety of dishes. The roe of the sturgeon is called (real) caviar and is marketed as a delicacy .

The fish is usually killed to obtain the roe (especially with caviar), but sometimes it is sewn up after a caesarean section and put back in the water.

After the eggs have been released into the water, one speaks of spawning . Before spawning, the eggs can make up a quarter of the total body weight of a Rogner.



The roe of the sea ​​hare is known as German caviar . It is often served with hard-boiled eggs. The roe of the carp is seasoned and fried in Franconia and served under the name Ingreisch .


In Japanese cuisine , a large number of different varieties used, including the following, which mainly raw in sushi are processed:

Ikura don , a bowl of rice covered with salmon roe
  • Ikura (い く ら) - salmon roe . Large, red-orange single balls.
  • Kazunoko ( 数 の 子 / 鯑 ) - Herring roe , yellow or pale pink. Is solid and rubbery in surface and appearance and is usually pickled . The roe is a single coherent mass and looks like a piece of fish.
  • Mentaiko ( 明 太子 ) - Alaska pollack roe , seasoned with paprika and wrapped in a thin, elastic membrane. Mentaiko is usually pink to dark red.
  • Tarako ( た ら こ ) - salted Alaskan pollock roe , sometimes grilled.
  • Tobiko ( 飛 び 子 ) - roe of flying fish , very crispy, reddish orange.


A paste made from smoked and salted cod roe , usually used as a spread, is very popular in Sweden.


In addition to cod roe , the sea ​​hare ( stenbider ) in particular is used in many ways in Danish cuisine , whether on hard-boiled eggs, as a garnish for shrimp or in combination with other fish or seafood .


Main article: Taramosalata

Taramas is the salted and smoked carp roe . It is used to make taramosalata , a Greek starter widely used in the Mediterranean , consisting of taramas mixed with lemon juice , breadcrumbs, onions and olive oil .


Roe of a bluefin tuna in a market in Jerez de la Frontera

Bottarga is the salted and dried rye pouch of mullet or tuna and is eaten as a starter or with pasta .


Different types of roe are used in the Caspian provinces of Gilan and Mazandaran . Ashpal (or Ashbal) is usually dried, salted or mixed with other ingredients. Salted or dried, it is used as a spice. Boiled or mixed with eggs and fried and prepared into a dish, it is called Ashpal Kuku .

In addition to real caviar , the roe of the Black Sea roach (also known as Caspian white fish or Rutilus Frisii Kutum ), roe- eye ( Kuli in Gilaki ), bream ( Kulmeh in Gilaki) and Caspian salmon achieve top prices. Roe of carp is less common, and sometimes the will of the bar used.

India (Kerala and West Bengal) and Bangladesh

Hilsarogen is considered an extraordinary delicacy in West Bengal and Bangladesh . The roe is usually deep-fried, although other types of preparation are known, such as 'mashed roe', which involves crushing the roe with oil, onions and pepper, or 'roe curry'. In Kerala , it is fried in coconut oil. Roasted roe over the fire (similar to marshmallows ) is one of the delicacies of the tribal population . However, the roe-bearing fish becomes less tasty compared to others. Rohu roe is also fried or used as a filling for fried snake gourd as a potoler dolma .


Karasumi ( Chinese  烏魚 子  /  乌鱼 子 , Pinyin Wūyúzi , W.-G. Uütsu ) is the salted and dried rye pocket of the mullet and is eaten with leek, radish or apple.

United Kingdom

In the United Kingdom, fish milk ( soft roe , literally “soft roe”) is the most popular. Herring roe can also be found in many UK supermarkets . Pureed cod roe is sold in many fish and chip shops, especially in the London area .

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