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Stop1984 (also STOP1984 ) was a citizens' initiative of German Internet users founded in 2001 , which campaigned for data protection and civil rights and opposed surveillance measures and censorship . The establishment of the loose association emerged from parts of the Heise web forum community following discussions at the time about the Telecommunications Monitoring Ordinance (TKÜV). Press spokeswoman for Stop1984 was Bettina Winsemann . At the beginning of 2008 the initiative was dissolved. The reasons given were: on the one hand a lack of personnel, on the other hand the political goals have either (1) already been achieved, (2) can be better achieved by working in other organizations, or (3) are not achievable with the chosen means. The content of the website has not been online since July 2008 after a hard disk crash. Meanwhile, the Internet domains are / at a company parked , which is related to the Citizens' Initiative otherwise unconnected.

The name of the group refers to the novel 1984 by George Orwell , which describes a totalitarian surveillance and prevention state.


The Stop1984 initiative criticized - similar to z. B. the ACLU , the Chaos Computer Club , FITUG , FoeBuD and Privacy International - increasing tendencies of surveillance on the Internet , lack of data protection and wanted to raise awareness of:

  • the value of one's own privacy
  • the value of your own data
  • the dangers of misuse of data
  • the consequences of loss of privacy
  • the political, social and personal consequences of increased surveillance
  • the dangers of political disinterest

Political goals were:

In addition, the organization was a co-signatory of the joint declaration of the AK reserve on the draft law on data retention .

public relation

Stop1984 worked in the context of public relations thematically on TCPA and TCG , RFID , software patents , copyright and data retention . The magazine Leave Me In Peace was first published in 2004.

A satirical story about the German state by Bettina Winsemann ( Twister ) with the title "Henry runs" was also published by Stop1984. In addition, the group was among the signatories of a statement initiated by Privacy International . Moreover sent Stop1984 via newsletter daily summary of news of the day on the topics of data protection, privacy, freedom of the press , etc. and led further actions.


In addition to the German Association for Data Protection, the following individuals were named as prominent supporters : Werner Koch, author of the GPG , the writer Jacob Levich from New York, Richard Stallman , Brad Templeton from the EFF and the journalist Wolf-Dieter Roth .

Individual evidence

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