Svatopluk II (Moravia)

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Svatopluk II. Is called to unity with his brothers Mojmír II. And Predslav by father Svatopluk I.

Svatopluk II. (* Approx. 884 ; † after 899) from the Moravian ruling dynasty of the Mojmiriden , was either co-regent or part prince of Moravia from 894 to 899 .


Svatopluk II was the younger son of Knes Svatopluk I. His older brother Mojmir II and he made peace with the East Franconian King Arnulf in 894 . Soon the brothers fell apart and each tried to usurp the rule. They mutually expressed murder intentions.

The disputes peaked in the winter of 898/899. At this time the Bavarians also plundered Greater Moravia. After the Bavarians withdrew, Svatopluk II, supported by them, was surrounded by Mojmir II in an unknown castle. The Bavarians returned, freed Svatopluk II and took him with them. His further fate is unclear, but he seems to have returned to his principality in 901 and then died in 906 during the fighting with the Magyars (Hungarians).

In connection with the fighting against the Magyars, Svatopluk II is often confused with Svatopluk I.


  1. other spellings: Swatopluk, Sventopluk, Swentopluk, Zwentibald; Slovak : Svätopluk II . ; Latin in contemporary sources : Zentobolchus .
predecessor Office successor
Svatopluk I. Prince of Moravia
with Mojmir II.