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The Swiss Jazz School in Bern (founded in 1967) is the first autonomous jazz school in Europe to offer continuous jazz lessons. There are two departments:

  • the general school offers semi-professional training in jazz and jazz-related styles.
  • the university department allows a bachelor's degree in a three-year course and a master's degree in the following two-year course in the areas of teaching diploma jazz, performance or arrangement composition.


The Swiss Jazz School was founded in 1967 on the initiative of the Bernese musicians Heinz Bigler and Tony Hostettler. The school was initially supported by the Coop Bern leisure center . With Joe Haider , Isla Eckinger and Peter Giger, musicians from Bigler's environment worked as additional teachers. The school was successful and soon went beyond the scope of the Coop leisure center. In 1972 it was therefore expanded as the Swiss Jazz School to become an independent teaching institute supported by the city and canton of Bern. A division into a general school and a vocational school was made. Since 1998, the vocational school branch has been affiliated with the music department of the then newly created University of Music and Theater and the Bern University of the Arts, which emerged in 2003 .

After Bigler, Vince Benedetti (1975), Fritz Pauer (1982), Joe Haider (1984) and George Robert (1995) ran the school. In 2006 Valérie Portmann took over the vocational school, which is part of the Bern University of the Arts , and Tom Arthurs from 2018 . Eugen Irniger directed the amateur training; Stewy von Wattenwyl has been running the school since 2011 .

Bert Joris has been a trumpet teacher at the Swiss Jazz School since 1989 , of which he also leads the big band.


Alumni include Buddy Casino , Samuel Rohrer , Dieter Ammann , Balz Bachmann , John Wolf Brennan , Andrea Centazzo , Christian Gutfleisch , Domenic Landolf , Elmar Frey , Jürg Solothurnmann , Bänz Oester , Dani Felber , Christoph Baumann , Dirk Dreßler, Christoph Grab and Jochen Baldes .


  • Ulrich Roth Swiss Jazz School in Bern celebrates its 40th anniversary Jazz Podium 2/2008, p. 30

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