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Peter Giger (born April 12, 1939 in Zurich ), actually Hans Peter Giger , is a Swiss percussionist and band leader .


Giger has been a professional musician since 1958 when he toured Europe with the Tremble Kids . In 1960 he moved to Paris , from 1961 he played with the sextet and the big band of Claude Bolling . In the 1960s he made LP recordings a. a. with Duke Ellington , Billy Strayhorn , Alice Babs and accompanied musicians such as Bill Coleman , Albert Nicholas , Stéphane Grappelli , Miriam Klein and Memphis Slim . He went on tour with Beryl Bryden in 1963. From 1969 to 1972 he taught at the Swiss Jazz School in Bern, which he co-founded, and played with Four For Jazz , Joe Haider , Heinz Bigler , Isla Eckinger and Benny Bailey . With Alex Bally and Marc Hellman he founded the Drum Circus , to which Gerd Dudek and Isla Eckinger also belonged. In 1972 he moved to Frankfurt to work in the Albert Mangelsdorff Quartet or Trio until 1976 . In addition, he worked u. a. participated in the Biton productions by Volker Kriegel .

In 1976 he worked in a trio with Eddy Marron (with whom he had played for Dzyan since 1973 ) and Günter Lenz . In the mid-1970s he continued to play with the clarinetists Perry Robinson , Theo Jörgensmann , Michel Pilz and Bernd Konrad in the Clarinet Contrast group . In 1977 he gave a much-noticed solo concert at the Berlin Jazz Festival .

In 1986 he performed as a duo with Max Roach at the Hofheim Jazz Festival . In 1988 he played in the "Peter Giger Quartet" with Jasper van't Hof , Tomasz Stańko and Vitold Rek .

He also played with Volker Kriegel , Steve Swallow and Eberhard Weber, among others . There were also numerous appearances at various festivals, including a. 1985 in India . There was also an extensive course activity. In 1990 Giger was offered a professorship at the Cologne University of Music . In 1994 he moved to Meissen, where he wanted to set up a percussion museum. Today he lives in Ticino and composes music.

In 2004 he went on a solo tour through Cameroon , Senegal and the Ivory Coast , in 2005 he gave a concert in Dakar , Senegal, for the Goethe Institute with "Géwél Rhythm Begg Falou".

In 1999 Frank Nestler and Hanna Sommer created the film portrait Lord of the Drums through Giger .

Family of Percussion (FOP)

In 1975 he released his first solo percussion album entitled Family of Percussion , which was released on the nagara-records label he founded. In 1976 he played under the same title with the drummers Joe Nay , Christoph Haberer , Heinrich Hock and the vibraphonist Wolfgang Schlüter .

In 1977 the Family of Percussion (FOP) consisted of Doug Hammond , Tom Nicholas and Trilok Gurtu as permanent members. Furthermore, changing guests played with, u. a. Archie Shepp , Albert Mangelsdorff , Wolfgang Dauner and Alan Skidmore . In the 1980s, guests u. a. Naná Vasconcelos , Barry Altschul , again Archie Shepp (1981–1982), Stu Goldberg , Christof Lauer and again and again Albert Mangelsdorff and Wolfgang Dauner involved. In 1993 he and Jürgen Wuchner organized the Family Meets Bass Strings project with Tom Nicholas and Dom Um Romão .

In the 1980s and 1990s the FOP & Friends went on numerous tours, including a. 1984 to India and three times to Mozambique (1991, 1992 and 1996). In 1992 the FOP played with the Senegalese group SAF SAP.

In 2000 the FOP took part in the "Euro Art Meeting" in Poland.


In 1973 and 1977 he published the new drum school in two volumes, both of which are now out of print. He published the book Die Kunst des Rhythmus , a fundamental examination of music as organized time , in 1993.


Ben Webster & Teddy Wilson Ben & Teddy Sackville CD 1970/2001

Four for Jazz & Benny Bailey A Land of Dolls Intercord LP + CD 1970/2001

Four for Jazz Power of nature Intercord LP 1971

Drum Circus Magic Theater Garden of Delights CD 1971/2003/2016 LP

Four for Jazz Sunday Child Intercord LP 1972

Albert Mangelsdorff quintet Birds of underground MPS LP 1972

Dzyan Time machine Bellaphon LP + CD 1973

Dzyan Electric silence Bellaphon LP + CD 1973

Eberhard Weber The Colors of Chloë ECM LP + CD 1974

Volker Kriegel & Spectrum Mild maniac MPS LP 1974

Volker Kriegel Topical harvest MPS LP 1975

  • Family of Percussion - Peter Giger solo (1975)
  • Illegitimate music - Peter Giger (1976)
  • Beyond - Giger-Lenz-Marron with Eddy Marron, Günter Lenz, Peter Giger (1977)
  • Where the Hammer Hangs - Giger-Lenz-Marron with Eddy Marron, Günter Lenz, Peter Giger (1978)
  • Message to the Enemies of Time - Family of Percussion with Peter Giger, Trilok Gurtu, Doug Hammond, Tom Nicholas (1977)
  • Sunday Palaver - Family of Percussion & Friends with Peter Giger, Trilok Gurtu, Doug Hammond, Tom Nicholas, Wolfgang Dauner, Alan Skidmore (1979)
  • Africa Meets Europe - Papa Oyeah Makenzie & Peter Giger (1980)
  • Here Comes the Family - Family of Percussion with Peter Giger, Trilok Gurtu, Doug Hammond, Tom Nicholas & Archie Shepp (1980)
  • For Drummers Only - Peter Giger Percussion Orchestra feat. Trilok Gurtu, Tom Nicholas, Daoud Amin, Christoph Haberer, Jo Koinzer , Michael Küttner , Stefan Lang, Keith Hanson, Hansmann (1982)
  • Moon at Noon Mangelsdorf / Dauner / Family of Percussion (1987)
  • Mozambique Meets Europe - Peter Giger's Family of Percussion & Friends feat. Tom Nicholas, Dom Um Romao, Gerd Dudek , Vitold Rek & Grupo Timbila Eduardo Durao (1992)
  • Family Jewels - Peter Giger, Family of Percussion & Friends feat. Archie Shepp, Alan Skidmore, Albert Mangelsdorff, Wolfgang Dauner, Jasper van't Hof, Christof Lauer , Tomasz Stańko , Vitold Rek, John Schröder , Thomas Heidepriem, Michael Küttner, Trilok Gurtu, Doug Hammond, Tom Nicholas (1993)
  • jazzz ... - Peter Giger Trio feat. Gerd Dudek, Vitold Rek (1993)
  • Electronic Roundabout - Peter Giger (2000)
  • Peter Giger's Family of Percussion - A Drum is a Woman with Peter Giger, Trilok Gurtu, Doug Hammond, Eddy Marron, Tom Nicholas, Archie Shepp, Wolfgang Dauner, Gerd Dudek, Günter Lenz, Albert Mangelsdorff, Alan Skidmore (2006, sampler)


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