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legal form Corporation
founding 1869
Seat Hanover , GermanyGermanyGermany 
  • Dirk Stenkamp ( CEO ),
  • Jürgen Himmelsbach (Finance),
  • Harald Reutter (Personnel)
Number of employees 10,780 (2018; FTE )
sales 1.23 billion euros (group, 2018)
Branch technical services
Website www.tuev-nord.de
As of December 31, 2018

The TÜV NORD AG is an international, independent service company based in Hannover . The main tasks are exams and certifications in the industrial , automotive, and human resources and education sectors .

The company was founded in 2004 as a stock corporation . The company's shares are held by TÜV NORD eV (36.1%), RWTÜV eV (36.1%) and TÜV Hannover / Saxony-Anhalt eV (27.8%).

Corporate structure

In addition to the group headquarters in Hanover, there are other company headquarters in Hamburg and Essen. A group representative is located in Berlin. The group brands (TÜV Nord, DMT , Alter Technology, TÜViT ) are united under the umbrella brand TÜV Nord Group.

The company is a technical testing organization and operates with its subsidiaries in the industrial service, mobility, education, raw materials, IT and aerospace sectors. According to its own information, it employs more than 10,000 people in more than 50 countries in Europe, Asia, Africa and America.

Fields of work and business areas

The TÜV Nord Group is a privately owned, legally independent company. It has neither official status nor is it connected to the state. Only when driving license tests are carried out in several federal states does he exonerate the state. All other work areas are subject to competition with other national and international testing organizations. The companies of the TÜV Nord Group offer both legally required safety and quality services as well as additional safety solutions for customers at home and abroad. A quarter of sales are achieved outside of Germany.

The Group's strategy is determined by the topics of growth, internationalization and innovation. In the coming years, the company will have a particular focus on innovation and digitization . To this end, TÜV Nord focuses on digitizing its services. Examples are the security of company and consumer data, protection against hacker attacks, the Internet of Things (IoT) and car IT. TÜV Nord is committed to the confident handling and secure exchange of data in the Industrial Data Space eV association . Alongside TÜV Süd and TÜV Rheinland, TÜV Nord is one of the three competing TÜV groups in Germany.

Industry service

The largest division of the group carries out tests, certifications and other safety and quality-relevant assessments in the fields of industry, energy, infrastructure as well as people and the environment (Resources4Life). The areas of work also include environmental technology and occupational safety and health.

The business includes the classic tests of industrial plants, power plants, pressure vessels and elevators. Renewable energies and rail technology are just as much a part of rapidly growing fields of work as food and feed safety. The food laboratories in Pune, India and in Kuala Lumpur were expanded in 2016.


The range of services includes vehicle and driver's license tests, vehicle appraisals, but also development-accompanying advice for the automotive and supplier industry or consulting and marketing services for various customer groups. In addition, doctors and psychologists in the company's medical-psychological institute assess people who have lost their driver's license in order to reintegrate them into road traffic.


In the education division, several subsidiaries of TÜV Nord offer professional training, courses and retraining measures. The topics include, for example, technical safety, quality, corporate management, logistics, environmental protection or occupational health and safety.

raw materials

With 30 locations worldwide, DMT is a global group of 14 engineering and consulting firms in the mining, oil & gas, infrastructure & construction and plant construction markets. One of our core competencies is the search for energy sources or valuable minerals underground. Every year around 10,000 projects are managed, DMT has already been active in 150 countries around the world.


The business area is dedicated to current information technology (IT) requirements. With TÜViT , TÜV Nord offers neutral testing services and certifications. Assessments of security and quality properties, risk analysis and testing of function and operation for IT systems are some of the fields of work. This also includes tests and certification of hardware and software.


With its subsidiary Alter Technology based in Madrid (Spain), TÜV Nord is active in the space sector. Alter Technology offers quality-oriented services for the procurement, modification, testing and certification of electronic components in the aerospace industry. The company is active in the fields of aerospace, security, transport, emergency service, healthcare, automotive and many more. Alter Technology is involved in many large space projects internationally and celebrated its 30th anniversary in 2016.

Origins of technical supervision

The engine of industrialization in Germany in the 19th century was the steam engine, which led to a significant stream of rationalization. Steam boilers were developed to generate the steam , the operating pressures and steam outputs of which were steadily increased, but this repeatedly led to devastating steam boiler explosions. The reasons for the accidents were a lack of knowledge of the design of pressure-bearing components, non-standardized materials, deficiencies in equipment and a lack of knowledge among the operating personnel ( boiler attendants ).

In order to ensure safe operation, regional steam boiler monitoring associations were founded as self-help associations for steam boiler operators at the end of the 1860s, for example in Altona in 1869. Independent inspections should help prevent accidents. The number of accidents fell sharply as a result. Over the years these “steam boiler monitoring and revision associations” (DÜV) received further tasks from the state. At the beginning of the 20th century the examination of electrical engineering was added. From the DÜV, "Technical Monitoring Associations" (TÜV) emerged as entrusted entrepreneurs . In the Federal Republic of the state relief activities of the TÜV were laid down in the trade regulations. The state had thus transferred sovereign monitoring activities to associations, which were thereby given a monopoly position.

In the past, many small regional associations were active, but today there are only a few large companies that have emerged through mergers and mergers. In the meantime, the monopoly of the TÜVs has been lifted by corresponding changes in the relevant ordinances (e.g. industrial safety ordinance ).

Development of TÜV Nord

In 1992, TÜV Norddeutschland, Hamburg and TÜV Nord, Rostock, merged to form TÜV Nord. In the same year, TÜV Hannover eV and TÜV Sachsen-Anhalt eV merged to form TÜV Hannover / Sachsen-Anhalt eV.

In 1997, TÜV Hannover / Saxony-Anhalt and TÜV Nord merged to form the TÜV Nord Group (blue logo, circle), which merged in 2004 with RWTÜV and its subsidiary TÜViT to form the new TÜV Nord Group (blue logo).

As a result of the growth strategy adopted, the Korean testing company Inkoc and the Belgian food certifier Integra were taken over in 2006.

In 2007 efforts were made to merge the two groups TÜV Süd and TÜV Nord, which were discontinued at the end of August 2007. In 2007, the companies DMT (raw material exploration), Verebus (Netherlands: railway signaling, engineering and technical documentation) and Delphos Academy (security) were acquired.

In 2010, RAG Bildung GmbH was acquired.

In 2011 the Alter Technology Group (Spain) was acquired. TÜV Nord Bildung GmbH & Co. KG (formerly RAG Bildung GmbH) is threatened with bankruptcy . 450 employees have to be laid off and the remainder have been announced wage reductions and locations will have to be given up. TÜV Nord inaugurates a solar filling station in Hanover with various charging options for electric vehicles. The fleet includes four electric vehicles. In 2011, the TÜV Nord Group passed the billion-dollar mark for the first time. Increases were achieved above all in services with renewable energies.

2012 Harald Reutter was promoted to the board, responsible for education. He announced that TÜV Nord would continue to focus on education and qualification despite the cancellation of educational services by the federal government.

2013 The board of directors of TÜV Nord Group was expanded to include Dirk Stenkamp , who is responsible for the strategic alignment of all foreign companies as well as the industrial service and IT business areas. Introduction of the umbrella brand TÜV Nord Group, under which the operating brands TÜV Nord, DMT and ALTER TECHNOLOGY are presented. The new corporate headquarters opens in Hanover. IT becomes a separate business area (TÜViT).

2015 Digitization continues to gain in importance. TÜV Nord tested the first Industry 4.0 applications . TÜV Nord took a position on the VW emissions affair.

2016 Engagement in the used car market in China: Foundation of TÜV Nord Mobility Shanghai. Expansion of the food laboratories in Pune (India) and Indonesia.

2017 New management structure: downsizing of the board of directors, management of the operational business by the group management.


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