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The Tölzer Schützenmarsch (also Tölzer Schützen-March ) was composed by Tölzer Mayor Anton Krettner in 1883 as opus 8. The occasion of the composition was a carnival event of the royally privileged fire shooting society Tölz.


Krettner composed the march and wrote the text in eight days. The original manuscript is dated March 29, 1883. The march was performed for the first time on May 29, 1883 in the beer garden of the Bürgerbräus by the Tölzer men's choir with string music accompaniment. The march was very successful while Krettner was still alive. In 1896 the composer described his emotional state as follows: “Today, after 12 years, I am able to confirm that the cheerful picture of Upper Bavarian mountain life that I am trying to give in words and tones everywhere, not only here, but also elsewhere in Bavarian and clear bands, and even abroad, has found sympathetic approval. ”Even today, the Tölz rifle march is still well known and valued. Outside of Tölz, the march is mainly known for the diversity of the different parts, but the large ambitus of the melody over two octaves with large jumps and "interesting harmonies " make the piece also challenging for singers and instrumentalists.


The original sheet music, kept in the Bad Tölz City Archives, includes: small flute , large flute , 2  oboes , 2  clarinets , 2  bassoons , 2  horns , 2  trumpets , 3  trombones , bass drum with cymbals , snare drum , violins  I and II, viola , Violoncello , Basso .


In addition to versions with minor additions and omissions, there are also many completely rewritten versions of the text. The original text describes a rifle festival ( Schiaßat ) from the walk to the economy ( post office ) to the rifle parade , the shooting and the final visit to the economy. In the text, Krettner also commemorates some locally known people ( Krinnerbäck , Holzersepp , Kolberbräu , Karl [le Feubure] ). The version from 1929 reads:

In the beautiful Isar valley there is a lively
blast of guns,
In Tölz there is a shooting today,
Dös is always a pleasure for us.
D'rum grabs it by the neck o,
who aim and hit a ko;
With fresh Muat,
An Strauss am Huat,
That's how the Schützenbluat lives!

Z'erst go to the post ma 'no
And damp' her throat,
you don't believe it, how schneida does
A so a glass of wine,
Well, ma she hold together, takes everything that you have to have
and it's done as wia in flight
As the most beautiful rifle train. Get

fresh and tight to the beat.
Dö G'schicht na glei opackt;
The musicians firmly in front, Everyone blasts
what a ko,
Alles na Juhe screams Out of
sheer pleasure:
Diridi eh juche dulje juche!
Dös is a real joy!
Secht's there to Krinnerbäck,
He gladly took the first one away,
The Holzersepp from Tegernsee
Is rüba kemma a, oh woe!
There the Kolberbräu rises,
since Karl is there,
the target with a red cap, they
scream, that is a shame.

Isartal, you are
my 'Freud', My heart goes a long way,
When I don't look into the mountains,
They all greeted me in blue.

O you mei liabes, beautiful Tölz,
with your mountain, your greana G'hölz,
yes i moan, there can be nothing more beautiful
than to live
in the Isar valley!

The Tölzer Gmüat is happy,
likes a funny song,
Schneidi san Buama all
in the beautiful Isar valley.
Diandln, like Milch and Bluat,
San a die Buama guat, there certainly
can't be anything nicer
than Tölzerleb'n.
Fresh is there Tölzer Schütz
And hits like lightning right in the
middle of the black nei ',
Dös will probably be fun;
Or he's so free,
shoots past the panes,
Dös doesn't
care about anything, As from his own defense.

Now the Schiaßat is over, the
train is going to the house,
because on the post there is no
sacred feast today .
D 'prize winners with the
flag ', Dö climb very proudly,
Schaugts , Madln, oh, what i's all okay,
i wasn't the right Mo!

Yes, so a Schiaßat is
A rare thing 'quite g'wiß,
D'rum san ma lusti and fidel,
Macha all kinds of Grebell.
Drink it, Buama, drink it, with violence.
Vasamt is soon,
so funny, Sagittarius, as like today, is not the same
all the time!

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