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TNS Infratest

legal form GmbH
founding 2004
resolution 2014
Reason for dissolution Change of name
Seat Munich , Germany
  • Winfried Hagenhoff
  • Jens Kruger
  • Doris Lainer
  • Frank Paule
  • Hartmut Scheffler
  • Nico A. Siegel
  • Stefan Stumpp
  • Robert A. Wieland
Number of employees 950
Branch Market research

TNS Infratest was a market research subsidiary of the British market research company Taylor Nelson Sofres from 2004 to 2014 and a brand of the new TNS owner WPP Group from 2014 to 2016 . TNS Infratest worked in Germany in Munich , Bielefeld , Berlin , Hamburg and Frankfurt . TNS Infratest's customers included large companies and medium-sized businesses as well as ministries, authorities and scientific institutions.

The market and opinion research projects designed and carried out by TNS Infratest included:

  • Large longitudinal surveys (panels) of people, households and businesses, e.g. B. the Socio-Economic Panel
  • Competence tests in the field of education, e.g. B. PIAAC - Program for the International Assessment of Adult Competencies
  • International comparative surveys at European level, e.g. B. Eurobarometer
  • Social reporting systems, ie regularly recurring studies on special topics such as B. ASID - Old-Age Insurance in Germany

The subsidiary Infratest dimap in Berlin, which still operates under its brand name today, is known for its election reporting on behalf of ARD and the Sunday question "If there would be an election next Sunday ...".

TNS Infratest was a member of the Market and Social Research Initiative and the German Market and Social Research Institute (ADM) working group.


In 1947 the "Institute for Research into the Effect of Journalistic Means" was founded at the University of Munich by Wolfgang Ernst and Lena-Renate Ernst. The continuous radio listener research began as early as 1948 and is continued today as part of the Bavarian Radio Analysis. In 1949 the company changed its name to “Infratest”, and in 1975 independent market companies were registered as GmbHs. In 1980 the European companies of the US market research institute Burke were acquired. With the establishment of IBB Infratest Burke Berlin (1990), Infratest Burke was the first West German market research company with its own institute in the new federal states. In 1996 Infratest dimap (Berlin) was commissioned to report on the election for ARD . In 1998, NFO Worldwide acquired Infratest Burke. The name was changed to "NFO Infratest" in 2001. In 2003, Taylor Nelson Sofres bought the NFO. In 2004, “NFO Infratest” became “TNS Infratest”, and in 2005 Infratest and Emnid were merged under this name.

The areas of media research, political research and social research, which continued to appear separately under the previous name TNS Emnid, were excluded from the renaming. At the beginning of 2013, the TNS Emnid media research was integrated into the TNS Infratest media research.

On January 29, 2014, TNS Emnid Medien- und Sozialforschung GmbH, TNS Infratest Sozialforschung GmbH and TNS Infratest Forschung GmbH were merged into TNS Infratest GmbH. TNS Infratest GmbH was renamed TNS Deutschland GmbH to continue the separate brands (TNS Infratest and TNS Emnid).

The parent company of TNS Group Germany, Taylor Nelson Sofres (London), was taken over by the WPP Group in 2008 . As a result, the market research institute Research International (RI), which belongs to the Kantar Group (the market research division of the WPP Group), was merged with TNS Infratest.

In 2015 there were raids at the call center operator Infratel, in which TNS Infratest had a stake. It was about the allegation of evasion of social security contributions in the context of an inappropriate classification of employees as self-employed (“ bogus self-employment ”). TNS Infratest has been operating under the Kantar TNS brand since September 2016 . In January 2017, the legal name change from TNS Deutschland GmbH to Kantar Deutschland GmbH.

Privacy controversy

In July 2008, a paid interviewer (a so-called mystery shopper ) from TNS Infratest reported a possible data leak to the Chaos Computer Club (CCC). The club had leaked the URL, login and password of the “Mystery Shopper” in an anonymous envelope. With this data it was possible for the CCC to gain access to further data records of other “mystery shoppers” within the portal by manipulating the so-called “session data”. As the Chaos Computer Club then announced, some sensitive personal data of the said group of people from TNS Infratest were also accessible through manipulation of the session context via the Internet, allegedly due to a software error. According to the CCC, this included income categories, bank details or the use of credit cards. According to CCC, TNS Infratest took the site offline after five minutes. TNS Infratest has now publicly admitted the breakdown and informed all those affected about the incident.

Selected publications

  • Value Index 2017: Evaluation of the postings of German websites, communities and blogs on the fundamental social values. Survey every two years.
  • Connected Life: Annual benchmark study on the digital behavior and attitudes of consumers worldwide.
  • Monitoring-Report Wirtschaft DIGITAL: On behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology ( BMWi ), an annual free report on the degree of digitization of the commercial economy in Germany by industry and ICT location Germany in an international comparison
  • D21-Digital-Index 2017 (further development of the (N) ONLINER-Atlas) the development of the digital society in Germany
  • Future Study 2017: Mobility. Fulfillment. System. - On the future of mobility 2025+
  • SOEP - Socio-Economic Panel
  • PIAAC - An international study examining everyday skills of adults
  • Old-age insurance in Germany ASID

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