The crickets

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The crickets
General information
Genre (s) Rock 'n' roll , rockabilly
founding 1957
resolution 2015
Founding members
Joe B. Mauldin († 2015)
Jerry Allison
Last occupation
Joe B. Mauldin († 2015)
Jerry Allison
Sonny Curtis
former members
Vocals, guitar
Buddy Holly (1957)
Niki Sullivan (1957-1958)
Earl Sinks (1958-1960)
Jerry Naylor (1960–1966)
Vocals, guitar
Gordon Payne (1985-1994)

The Crickets were the backing band of Buddy Holly . Buddy Holly has appeared on two tracks, some of his hits are known under his name, others under the name of the crickets.


After Buddy Holly was discovered by the talent scout Jim Denny in 1956 , he achieved worldwide fame in 1957 with his own compositions That'll Be the Day and Peggy Sue . The backing band was initially called The Two-Tunes , but was soon renamed The Crickets . The similarity of the name to the Beatles is not accidental (crickets = crickets , beetles = beetles ), but there are different versions of the naming. One variant says that the Crickets named themselves after a chirping cricket in the recording studio and the Beatles took up the name to honor Buddy Holly. Another version of the naming assumes that Holly's band almost called itself "The Beetles" when the band members searched the dictionary for a pseudonym under the keyword "Insects" .

The band consisted of drummer Jerry Allison, bassist Joe B. Mauldin and Buddy Holly since the formation in late 1956 . Only after the first record was the band renamed Buddy Holly and the Crickets. Shortly afterwards, Nikki Sullivan joined the Crickets on rhythm guitar, but strong differences quickly developed between Allisan and Sullivan, which often ended in fights. On the cover of the album "The Chirpin Crickets" Sullivan has a blackened eye. In addition, Sullivan's constant travel activities, successful tours and numerous television appearances in the USA and Great Britain were too exhausting. Due to the ongoing disputes between the band members, Sullivan left the band. He was replaced in 1958 for the recording of It's So Easy by guitarist Tommy Allsup .

Shortly after his marriage and the associated move to New York City in 1958, Buddy Holly separated from the Crickets. Here, too, the lack of chemistry between the band members is seen as another reason for the separation. The naming rights were transferred to the other group members, who can therefore still appear under this name today. Four months after the separation, a reunion was planned, which should begin after Buddy Holly's winter tour ( Winter Dance Party ). However, Buddy Holly was killed in a plane crash on February 3, 1959 during this tour .

The Crickets continued to record. Holly was replaced by guitarist Sonny Curtis and singer Earl Sinks. Other lead singers followed: David Box, Jerry Naylor , Sonny Curtis, Glen D. Hardin, Gordon Payne. Other singers were (depending on the session) Jerry Allison, Bobby Vee , Cliff Crawford, Glen Campbell , Buzz Cayson, Albert Lee, Steve Krikorian, Nick Van Maarth, Rick Grech.

The album Remnants was released in 1973 with members Allison, Mauldin, Albert Lee , Ric Grech , Steve Krikorian (later known as Tonio K), Carol Montgomery and Nick VanMaarth.

In 1998 the single T-Shirt , which was recorded in the cast of Allison, Mauldin and Gordon Payne and produced by Holly fan Paul McCartney , was played relatively often on US radio.


  • The Chirping Crickets (1957)
  • Still In Style - Their Complete Brunswick / Coral Recordings 1959-1974 (P 1992)
  • In Style With the Crickets (1960)
  • Ravin 'On - From California To Clovis 1961-1963 (P 1991)
  • Bobby Vee Meets the Crickets (1962)
  • Something Old, Something New (1963)
  • California Sun (1964)
  • Rock Reflections (1971)
  • Remnants (1973)
  • Bubblegum, Pop, Ballads & Boogie (1973)
  • Long Way from Lubbock (1975)
  • Back in Style (1975)
  • T Shirt (1989)
  • Double Exposure (1993)
  • Cover to Cover (1995)
  • The Original (1996)
  • Rockin (2000)
  • Crickets & Their Buddies (2004)
  • Mike Berry & The Crickets (2005)

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