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Theodor Brauer (born January 16, 1880 in Kleve , † March 19, 1942 in Saint Paul , Minnesota ) was a Catholic social ethicist and representative of the Catholic workers' movement .


Brauer was involved in the Christian trade union movement, of which he was appointed manager in 1908. In addition, he headed the Christian trade union school in Königswinter .

After studying and doing his doctorate in Bonn , Brauer completed his habilitation in 1922 and then worked as a professor of economics at the TH Karlsruhe . In 1928 he was appointed director of the Cologne Research Institute for Social Sciences (as successor to Max Scheler ). He also taught as an honorary professor at the University of Cologne . After the National Socialists came to power in 1933, the research institute was closed on March 31, 1934 and the employment relationship with Brauer was terminated. Despite his opposition to National Socialism, he was allowed to continue teaching as an honorary professor. In 1937 he emigrated to the United States and followed a call to the Catholic College of St. Thomas (now University of St. Thomas ) in Saint Paul , Minnesota , where he taught political economy until his death.

Brauer was connected to the consumer cooperative movement in the Cologne direction. Among other things, he was the teacher of Eberhard Welty .

The terms “regulative” and “speculative” wage policy go back to Theodor Brauer .

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