Tiris Zemmour

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Location of the administrative region Tiris Zemmour in Mauritania
Departments in Tiris Zemmour

Tiris Zemmour ( Arabic ولاية تيرس زمور, DMG Wilāyat Tīris Zammūr ) is the twelfth of the fifteen administrative regions of the West African state of Mauritania and at the same time the northernmost and one of the largest regions in the country.

Capital is Zouérat  /الزويرات. Tiris Zemmour is divided into the three departments F'Dérik  /افديرك, Bir Moghrein  /بير ام اكرينand Zouérat .

Tiris Zemmour borders Algeria in the northeast , Mali in the east, the Western Sahara in the north and west, and the Mauritanian administrative region Adrar  /أدرار in the south.

In 2017, 55,200 people lived here.

The Kediet Ijill between Zouérat and F'dérik is the highest mountain in the country at 915 meters. The iron ore deposits there are brought to the loading port in Nouadhibou on the Nouadhibou – M'Haoudat railway line .

A province of West Tiris also existed until August 1979 ولاية تيرس الغربية, Capital ad-Dakhla , as a result of the division of Western Sahara into a Moroccan and a Mauritanian part under the Madrid Agreement (1975). Four days after the Republic of Arab Western Sahara (RASD) was recognized and this province was handed over to the POLISARIO as the political leadership of the RASD, Morocco advanced south and occupied this part of the country as well.

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Coordinates: 24 ° 18 ′  N , 9 ° 3 ′  W